Super Mario Maker 2 Player Creates the Most Stressful 1–1 Level You’ve Ever Seen

Some monster recreated an anxiety-induced from hell 1-1 level in Super Mario Maker 2.

July 17, 2019

Super Mario Bros. is iconic, there’s no doubt about that. Watching that little plumber living his best life as he innocently jumps on mushrooms and tries to find the pipe that takes him to a secret coin stash is usually a pleasant and relaxing experience. That was until someone decided to take that purity and threw it into the nearest fiery, lava-filled volcano.

A player who goes by the YouTube name of ‘YTSunny’, has created the “worst ever” version of the first level that depicts a hellish amount of twirling fire bars strategically placed to make it almost impossible to get through. To make matters even worse ( how could things get even worse, you may ask?) there’s a timer set for 50 seconds so if the thought of this level doesn’t give you a huge dose of anxiety, maybe the panic-induced “time is running out!” might just set you over the edge.


There are people who actually enjoy these types of things. I usually like to call them the spawn of satan but they act and appear like normal people so there’s no way of eliminating them from the earth, hence why you’ll probably see more things like this. If you’re a spawn of satan, you too can get your daily fill of this monstrosity as YTSunny has shared the code: YXL-D4C-TQF. Enjoy hell!

Thankfully, I’m not the only one that is freaked out by this madness. Twitter has already begun the process of jokes regarding the level:

If you really want to see the worst ever 1-1 remake in Mario Maker 2, check out the video below. Maybe have a cup of camomile tea on standby.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available on Switch right now.


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