Super Mario Maker 2's Next Update Lets You Create Your Own Worlds

Super Mario Maker 2's last major update is a big one, letting you create your own worlds and even your own personal Mario game.

Super Mario Maker 2 will be receiving its last major update on Wednesday and it’s a big one, with its additions pretty much allowing players to create their own fully-fleshed out Super Mario Bros. game.

In “World Maker” mode, players can tie their created levels together by making their own Mario world maps from scratch, editing everything from the basic path to the end castle, the theme, surroundings, bonus stages, hazards, and even detours (warp pipes and all). The mode doesn’t stop their, either. You can connect up to eight worlds containing a max of 40 courses to create a “Super World,” which basically translates into your own personal Mario game.

Also coming to the game thanks to the update is a number of new power-ups, wearables, and enemies.

First up is an “SMB2 Mushroom” usable in the original Super Mario Bros. game style. Picking it up will transform Mario from his iconic 8-bit NES look into his Western Super Mario Bros. 2 form, complete with the same control set up too, meaning he can pick up and throw items and enemies.

The Frog Suit — for easier movement in and across water — is being added to the Super Mario Bros. 3 style, the Power Balloon suit to Super Mario World, the Super Acorn to New Super Mario Bros. U, and the Boomerang Flower to Super Mario 3D World.

The 3D World style is also getting several new wearables. Put on the Cannon Box to fire projectiles, the Propeller Box to get up to three extra boosts on your jump, a Red Pow Box to carry three “Pows” with you, a Goomba Mask that disguises you from enemies, and a Bullet Bill Mask that will rocket you across the stage for as long as you can stay airborne.

New enemies include all seven Koopalings, Mechakoopas, and Phanto should you pick up a cursed key.

Launched last summer, the level of customization offered by Super Mario Maker 2 expanded greatly from its 2015 Wii U predecessor, allowing its players near endless room for creativity. Nintendo has only built upon it since, putting out updates that made level sharing a bit easier, increasingly bumped up the number of courses a person could upload, and threw in more and more tools to play around with (like a Master Sword power-up).

And fans responded. Big time.

The game sold more than 2 million copies within the first three days following its June 28, 2019 release, and by January had reached over 10 million courses uploaded.

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