Super Mario Maker Bookmark Update Allows for Better Searching, Adds New Features

on December 17, 2015 11:08 AM

Nintendo has published two videos this morning explaining some updates coming to Super Mario Maker on December 22, 2015. The first is a bookmark update, a web portal accessible on PC or through the Wii U’s internet app which allows you to sign in using your Nintendo ID, search for courses using filters, and bookmark them for later use inside Mario Maker. If you happen to be using the web portal on the Wii U gamepad, you can actually launch right into the course you are viewing by hitting the “Play” option.

Next we have a video on the UK channel explaining some creator changes. Shaking a grinder now creates a bouncy bumper. Shaking a warp door turns it into a P door which requires a switch to be hit before you can use them. Shaking a Koopa Clown Car turns it into a fire spitting version, ideal for shmup courses, and has a charge attack that can break certain blocks. And lastly you can see the World Record clear time for courses, as well as the first person to beat it. You can view both videos below.

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