Super Mario Maker Creators are Making Matrix-Style Levels by Gaming Wii U’s Hardware Limitiations

on January 27, 2016 6:30 PM

People do really crazy things at Super Mario Maker. I’m satisfied if I can make a somewhat decent challenge, while others were able to orchestrate checkpoint systems into their level design. With that said, the latest level-design trick utilized by user InsaneMonte brings slow-motion, “The Matrix”-esque gameplay. In his level “Bullet Time” (D185-0000-01A9-54CA), InsaneMonte utilizes multiple cannons to overload the level with items, slowing the game to a snails pace due the active, moving items on the screen. Not only are the “bullets” slowed, but so is Mario’s movements and countdown timer.

Check out the video of the level (below) uploaded by YouTube user KryosQuickfist. Meanwhile. if you wanted to check the level out yourself, you have to wait until Thursday night/Friday morning when Super Mario Maker’s maintenance is done fixing a network bug.

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