Super Mario Maker Gets Southwest Airlines Level/Advertisement and Sky Pop Costume

on January 7, 2016 2:19 PM

Heavy-handed corporate sponsorship isn’t new to Super Mario Maker, but their latest deal with Southwest Airline is certainly turning heads. Announced earlier last night via Southwest’s Blog, a new course titled “Southwest Air Adventure” lets players go through “unique Southwest obstacles” before ending off at the Southwest trademarked heart. For successfully beating the level, players are awarded the classic Sky Pop costume (from Super Mario Land) which is, of course, plane themed.

As always, if you have the base game, you will be getting the level for free. To access the level, head to the Event Courses tab in Course World of Super Mario Maker.

For what it’s worth, the level actually does look fun. And who can argue with free content — even if it comes hand-in-hand with overt company branding. It isn’t as if they are the only ones partaking in the practice. Check out the video below showcasing the Sky Pop costume and a playthrough of the Southwest Air Adventure (thanks GameXplain):

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