Super Mario Maker Will Continue to Be Supported; Nintendo Looking into Distinctly Western Costumes

Super Mario Maker Will Continue to Be Supported; Nintendo Looking into Distinctly Western Costumes

Takashi Tezuka and Yoshikazu Yamashita, in an interview with Polygon, has confirmed that the Wii U’s fall hit, Super Mario Maker, will continue to be supported as a service, much like the business and content plan behind Splatoon. This should come as little surprise to fans of the game who have (within the past month) seen three different costume updates for Mario:

Yamashita says these sorts of updates will continue, and that he views the game as more of an ongoing service than most other recent Nintendo games. He sees this approach as a new sort of challenge for the company, though stops short of committing to a certain number of updates, or a general timespan for them.

Additionally, Nintendo is looking into integrating more Western-themed content into Super Mario Maker. While some of the current costumes (Famitsu’s Necky and GameCenter CX’s Arnio Cacho) are distinctly Japanese, there are distinctly Western costumes — for instance, a PewDiePie, Partick Klepek, or Greg Miller. Yamashita said:

The most important thing we considered in selecting things for this is we want to make sure we’re considering what will be popular in America and Europe as well. So while [Arino and Nekki] are more focused on Japan, we’re also interested in considering things that will be popular in the West. In terms of celebrities, it would be great if we could be able to get people to do it for free, but that’s often not the case.

To top it off, Nintendo wants to draw the line regarding including Nintendo staff, no matter how important, in the costume roster. This would bar fan-favorites like past president Satoru Iwata, current Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils Aime, or Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto:

People like that would only be appealing or recognizable either within the game industry or to people who follow games. And we want to make sure the Costume Mario characters we add appeal to a wide audience.

Are there any celebrities you would like to make an appearance in the game?