Super Mario Maker’s Mar. 9 Update Brings New Costumes, Modes, and Mechanics

on March 3, 2016 6:11 PM

According to today’s Nintendo Direct, Super Mario Maker will be receiving a substantial update on March 9, 2016 featuring new costumes, modes, and mechanics.

First and foremost, the update boasts a few new features like keys and locked doors. Level designers can place keys around the maps, with enemies, or in blocks to prevent players from unlocking doors until found. As a fun twist, shaking a coin will create a Pink Coin — collecting all pink coins will make a key appear. Additionally, shaking a Thwomp will create Skewers from Super Mario World.

Next on the list, Super Expert Mode has been added to online play, unlockable after beating Expert Mode in 100 Mario Challenge. Players will be tasked with beating six blisteringly-difficult levels with 100 Marios. The reward? New mystery costumes — 12, according to Nintendo of America’s Twitter.

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