Nintendo Unveils Super Mario Inspired Moleskin Notebooks

Nintendo Unveils Super Mario Inspired Moleskin Notebooks

Okay Nintendo, you win this time. Please take all of my money so I can buy these Super Mario inspired Moleskin notebooks that I definitely don't need.

Earlier today Nintendo announced a new collaboration with Moleskin, the notebook company notorious for making notebooks so elegant that you never know when to actually write in them.

The new Moleskin covers pay homage to the early days of Mario, with all covers focusing on either the original Super Mario Bros. title for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario Land, the first time everyone’s favorite plumber appeared on the Game Boy. Two of the newly announced covers depict in-game footage from Super Mario Bros., while another depicts a Game Boy running Super Mario Land, and another depicts the NES cartridge for Super Mario Bros.


These notebooks serve as the latest business collaboration from Nintendo, a company that has been teaming-up with others a lot in recent months. Just last week Nintendo unveiled an exclusive Nintendo Switch bundle with Walmart after previously offering several other bundles with Best Buy earlier this year. Additionally, Nintendo also announced earlier this year that it would be teaming up with Hot Wheels to create Mario Kart inspired toy cars.

Of course, Nintendo’s new Moleskin notebooks are only useful if (unlike me) you don’t have an existential crisis every time you try to write in one. Which thoughts are elegant enough for me to include in this expensive, nice notebook? Furthermore, if I put something I don’t like in the notebook, what should I do? Which looks worse– a page ripped out of a moleskin notebook, or a page scribbled over? Oh man, on second thought, I think I’ll just stick with jotting things down on my iPhone.

The new Super Mario themed Moleskins are available now. They’ll run you $20-$25 each depending on which one you want. You can check the notebooks out at Moleskin’s website here.