The Super Mario Odyssey 64 Hack is Finally here

Kaze Emanuar is back with his latest Super Mario Hack which recreates Super Mario Odyssey within the framework of Mario 64.

April 19, 2020

Those of you who are familiar with Mario ROM hacks are probably familiar with Kaze Emanuar. Kaze has worked on plenty of incredible hacks such as Super Mario 64 Online which allows 24 players to play Super Mario 64 online and Super Mario Sunshine 64 which recreates sunshine with the 64 frameworks. Kaze is back now with their latest creation, Super Mario Odyssey 64.

You can probably assume what this hack entails but you should definitely take a look at the trailer for the video anyway.

Kaze has always done a fantastic job of creating these new worlds that Nintendo has created and replicating them within Mario 64. I have always felt that 64 has been one of the most fun Mario titles to just play around in. Running around and long jumping or backflipping just isn’t the same in other titles.  Well, it might be tied with Galaxy.


With the reports of Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and 3D World making their way to the Nintendo Switch in either the form of a remaster or a port, some of these creations might go on the back burner for a while. However, it is still fascinating to see these creations and worlds built and am hoping to see more for the years to come.

Grant Huff

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