Nintendo is Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo is Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey

Today marks the one year anniversary since the release of Super Mario Odyssey.

Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of Super Mario OdysseyThe popular platformer starring everyone’s favorite plumber made a massive leap onto the new Switch last year and was highly regarded as one of the best entries in recent Super Mario entries.

It feels almost like yesterday when we all got to go on a great adventure with Mario and Cappy as they searched for Bowser to save Peach and Tiara. I’m sure wasn’t the only one out there losing sleep trying to collect all 999 of the Power Moons in the game. Also, who could forget those great set-piece moments — from possessing a T-Rex to the unforgettable New Donk City Festival.

The Super Mario Twitter of Japan tweeted out an adorable video of the cast dancing to accompany the anniversary:

Super Mario Odyssey has had quite the year, from outstanding reception to content coming out throughout the year since its release. Some noteworthy content updates included: from Luigi’s Balloon World Mode (a personal favorite of mine) to the always-updating costumes that you can acquire. In fact, most recently, Mario donned a somewhat disturbing zombie costume that you can acquire in-game just in time for Halloween.

If you haven’t gotten around to playing one of the best games out for the Switch and probably one of the best Mario games in general, you can still pick up Super Mario Odyssey on Amazon.

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