Super Mario Odyssey Art Book to Arrive in the United States Later this Year

Super Mario Odyssey Art Book to Arrive in the United States Later this Year

If you're looking for more of Super Mario Odyssey in your life, the game's official art book finally comes to the west this October.

If you’re like me, you still think back on Mario’s latest adventure in Super Mario Odyssey quite often. As we approach the two year anniversary of the game’s release, I’m still left captivated by the many worlds that Odyssey allows you traverse through. It’s a game I’m constantly looking to return to and dig into more. Luckily, later this year, I’ll be able to do just that in a new manner.

Dark Horse has recently announced that will be publishing a new Super Mario Odyssey art book in the United States later this year. Releasing in October, the aptly titled The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is 368 pages in length and comes bound in a hardcover shell. The same book has previously been available in Japan for a while now.

As you might expect, The Art of Super Mario Odyssey features a lot of the initial art that was done for some of the game’s iconic locations such as New Donk City, the Sand Kingdom, and many others. It also shows off some of the initial Mario designs in his new attire before later being added to the game. Plus, reports out of Japan state that the book also contains a piece of art of Bowsette. Maybe Nintendo will end up adding Bowsette to official Nintendo canon one day after all.

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey will retail for $49.99 when it releases later this year on October 22. Pre-orders currently aren’t live for the book on Amazon or other retails, but it should begin to appear soon.