Super Mario Odyssey Adds Fancy-Looking Conductor Outfit and Wig

Nintendo is still regularly adding cosmetic content to Super Mario Odyssey, this time with a Conductor Outfit and a Conductor Hat.

on September 27, 2018 4:28 PM

We’re coming up on almost a year since Super Mario Odyssey was released for the Switch, but Nintendo hasn’t quite stopped putting out additional content for the critically-acclaimed platformer. Fans of classical music may find Mario’s new Conductor Outfit and Conductor Wig to be quite amusing.

That’s right—players of Odyssey can now toss a powdered wig around at enemies. These new cosmetic items can be bought with in-game coins after completing the main story. This new outfit comes a little over a month after the last outfit was unveiled, based on the Broodal character of Hariet.

We don’t necessarily expect any big additions for Odyssey from here on out, at least nothing as big as the addition of the Luigi’s Balloon World mode. Still, you can expect to see Odyssey locale New Donk City as one of the several stages featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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