Super Mario Odyssey Gets a New Update Adding Luigi’s Balloon World Mode and More

The latest update introduced to Super Mario Odyssey adds the new challenge mode in Luigi's Balloon World, alongside new photo mode filters and outfits.

on February 22, 2018 11:06 AM

Since it debuted back in October, Super Mario Odyssey quickly became one of last year’s most acclaimed games (and for good reason), and now players that sailed off onto their adventures with Mario can find more to do thanks to a new update for the game available today.

Nintendo announced that a new update is now live for Super Mario Odyssey that adds the previously-announced Luigi’s Balloon World mode, which acts as a new challenge mode for players to compete in. Specifically, the mode lets players hide and find balloons hidden by other players within a limited amount of time for online rankings, giving an added dose of challenge on top of finding Power Moons.

In addition to Luigi’s Balloon Mode, the game’s new update also introduces several new filters to utilize in the game’s Snapshot Mode feature, while several new outfits and costume are also available to players to collect throughout their adventure. While the game itself is a ton of fun to play, having the additional options to play around with while taking photos is a nice incentive, as the update will be free for all players of Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now on the Nintendo Switch. For a closer look at the new update, you can check out the new outfits, filters, and more below:

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