Super Mario Party Launch Trailer Shows Off Tons of Gameplay

Super Mario Party Launch Trailer Shows Off Tons of Gameplay

Super Mario Party's launch trailer shows off all the new additions to the game, while also showing players what makes this title classic Mario Party again.

I think it’s safe to say that many are hopeful that Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch will be a return to form for the long-running series that originated on the Nintendo 64. In the latest trailer for Super Mario Party, we’re given a long look at what seems like every type of mode that’ll be included with the game at launch, and there’s a lot to look at here.

The trailer begins by showing us a whole slew of game modes that require the Joy-Con controllers. We get to see the unique ways in which they’ll be used. Yes, it does look a bit gimmicky sometimes but Mario Party has never strayed away from gimmicks and admittedly, some of the motion controller games do look pretty funny. I just don’t know how eager I’ll be to hop off the couch with a bunch of my friends and start doing silly poses in front of the TV.

River Survival is the next mode we’re given a look at. This was one of the surprise modes for me personally, as it sort of takes all the wrong in Mario Party 10 and makes it right. It’s straightforward, you ride down a rapid river with three of your friends and play cooperative minigames. My description doesn’t do it justice though so I highly advise you check out the actual trailer below.

Toad’s Rec Room requires multiple Switch consoles. If you’ve seen previous trailers you’ll likely recognize this mode. It has you moving different Switch devices around to make or match game boards or images. I don’t personally find this to be the most interesting mode included, but the technology sure is impressive.

Mario Party Mode is pretty self-explanatory. This is the conventional mode that many know and love. There are changes this time around though as each character has their own special dice alongside normal dice. Also, there are new items included as well. As always, players work to collect the most stars out of all their opponents. You’ll also be able to compete in teams of two if you’d like. Furthermore, Challenge Road lets you complete objectives in the various minigames that’ll be included in Super Mario Party. 

Typically, my biggest worry with Mario Party games personally is the lack of single-player fun to be had, but with online options included I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about playing alone. Online Mario-thon lets you compete against other players around the world.

Super Mario Party is releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 5. Nintendo also announced a Joy-Con bundle that’ll be exclusive to Europe, it’ll include a set of two Joy-Con controllers and a copy of the game. If you’d like to pre-order Super Mario Party, you can do so right now over at Amazon.

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