Super Mario Run Hits 50 Million Downloads

Super Mario Run Hits 50 Million Downloads

After hitting 40 million users only two days ago, Nintendo announced today on the their Twitter Account that Super Mario Run has surpassed 50 Million downloads.

Nintendo is giving all players ten Toad Rally Tickets for free to celebrate hitting this milestone. A message from the in-game notification system states:


“To show our gratitude to everyone who’s downloaded [Super Mario Run], we are giving you all 10 Rally Ticketes for free. Use them to enjoy all the fun of the Toad Rally.”

DualShockers gave the game an 8.0, stating “Super Mario Run isn’t breaking the mold for App Store games, but it does have a certain Nintendo quality, charm and polish that is frankly unmistakable. A unique twist on the Mario formula, Nintendo has been able to substantively add to the genre in a meaningful way.”