Super Mario Sunshine Hack Brings Mario 64 to Delfino Plaza

Flush Shadow Mario out in 64-bit with this new hack.

February 14, 2020

Are there too many polygons in Super Mario Sunshine for you? Say no more, as modder Kaze Amanuar has your back yet again. I recently wrote about Kaze’s own version of Super Mario Odyssey, and now he’s on to the next project. Kaze and his team have made their own version of Super Mario Sunshine with the Super Mario 64 engine.

Shown in a new video on his Youtube channel, this “remake” titled Super Mario Sunshine 64 isn’t lacking in any departments. You start the game off on the runway and then jump straight to a 64-bit Delfino Plaza. Most of the levels in the game play out like the original, although some are different. For instance, you do chase down Shadow Mario, but you can’t spray him with water. That’s not to say the iconic FLUDD device doesn’t work, just that some things are different.


Mario can still spray water at enemies and float with a hydro-jet, just don’t expect to spray the ground in front of you and slide. As cool as this premise is, working inside of the Super Mario 64 engine does come with its own constraints.

If you want to check out this project you have a few options. There’s the video below for the hack itself, and another one here with Kaze giving his own commentary. If you want more Super Mario 64 hacks, you can check out Kaze’s channel here.


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