Super Meat Boy Developer Announces The Legend of Bum-bo; Previous Title Mew-Genics on Hiatus

March 24, 2016

Coming from the development of the oddly-charming games like Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, developer Edmund McMillen will return once more with a brand new title on the horizon, while confirming that a previous title the independent developer had been working on is on-hold indefinitely.

In a blog post on the official page for The Binding of Isaac, developer Edmund McMillen announced a brand new upcoming title called The Legend of Bum-bo, which McMillen explained he had been working on the title in secret with developer James Id “for a few months now.”

McMillen described the new title as a “turn based puzzle RPG type thingy” that will feature randomly-generated environments, similar to the ideas of the roguelike The Binding of Isaac with randomly-generated dungeons for players to explore.


McMillen will be responsible for the design, writing, and 2D art/character design of the title, while Id will handle the programming and 3D artwork needed for the development of The Legend of Bum-bo.

In addition to the new game’s announcement, McMillen also addressed in a statement to Eurogamer that the developer will be putting his previous project, called Mew-Genics, on hold for the time being due to his commitment on new projects.

Specifically, McMillen explained that the title, which featured players taking care of and handling and absurd number of genetically-modified cats, has been put on hold and while “there is a chance we will attempt to revamp it in a few years” with new design elements and McMillen expressed that “till then it’s not gunna happen.”

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