Super Meat Boy Squishing Into PS4 and PS Vita Later This Year; Debuting for Free on PlayStation Plus

Back during its initial release in 2010, Super Meat Boy blended a unique, charmingly gross art style with the difficulty and challenge of more classically-minded old school gaming, and now PlayStation fans that have had to go five years without some Meat Boy in their lives are (thankfully) no longer going to be left waiting.

In a new blog post from developer Team Meat, the studio announced that Super Meat Boy will be releasing for PS4 and PS Vita later this year following the series’ long-awaited launch on PlayStation consoles, with Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes explaining:

When Super Meat Boy was launched, Team Meat wasn’t allowed to bring it to the PlayStation for very complicated reasons. They hated that they had to alienate the loyal PlayStation fans who desperately wanted the game but couldn’t have it. They felt their pain as PlayStation fans had to suffer for years without the greatest platformer ever made by two guys named Tommy and Edmund. Team Meat was very sad about this, but what could they do? Their hands were tied.

Earlier this year, Team Meat got an unexpected gift. The gods smiled upon them and opened up a teeny tiny sliver of a path that could eventually lead them to re-release Super Meat Boy. Even though the path would be difficult they knew they owed it to their fans to at least try.

Fast forward to today. We walked that arduous path and with a lot of hard work, a little convincing, and huge scoops of luck we are now here today with huge smiles on our faces to say:


In addition to the game’s release on PS4 and PS Vita later this year, the team also announced that Super Meat Boy will debut for free on PlayStation Plus at launch, with the studio explaining “that’s our way of saying “Thank you for waiting patiently” to all those PlayStation fans that reached out to us over the years” waiting for the game’s after all these years: worry no longer though, Meat Boy is on his way to you, fleshy meat skin and all.

Super Meat Boy is currently available for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and Linux – the PS4 and PS Vita versions of the game are in development for release later this year. In the meantime, you can check out the game’s PlayStation consoles announcement trailer below:

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