GDC11: Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition Detailed and TONS More

GDC11: Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition Detailed and TONS More


Oh Super Meat Boy, how dear you are to my heart. Team Meat had a big “post mortem” talk during GDC that covered a lot of things, and while the full details of that event are under wraps for now (our own Allen Park was unfortunately not able to attend this particular event), they have released a lot of other information regarding everything from the Wii version of Super Meat Boy, the rumors of their future with the 3DS, and the PC version box release.

Brace yourselves before you hit that “Read More” button, because there is a LOT of information after the break on this one!

Super Meat Boy for the Wii has been officially cancelled

Basically every developer they talked to thought that Super Meat Boy wouldn’t be profitable on the Wii at this time. Have they not been paying attention to how much people love this game? I already own it on XBLA and PC, and plan to buy the boxed retail version when it releases.

Team Meat are now 3DS developers

At this point, they’ve basically just confirmed that they are developing something for the 3DS which may or may not be “meat” related. Maybe that Wii port will turn into a 3DS port, and guarantee a fourth purchase from me?

Super Meat Boy “Ultra” retail edition announced

Super Meat Boy will soon be something you can physically hold in your hands, in the form of the “Ultra” edition for the PC. Not one to settle for just throwing the game on the disc and calling it a day, Team Meat has done what they typically do and gone all out with this version!


  • An incredible 40 page booklet which is half development sketchbook, half comic book, featuring a years worth of sketches and comics into one manual.


  • A mini-poster of Dave Rapoza’s jaw-dropping “realistic” Super Meat Boy painting.
  • The award winning soundtrack to the game
  • Tons of the games sound effects (specifically noted so that people will stop bugging them for the “WARP ZONE!” sound for a ringtone)
  • Over 300mb of bonus content including character art, wallpapers, behind the scenes development photos, warp zone art, game trailers and even a few piece of never before seen illustrations.

The image used as the header of this article is the box cover and inside flap art for the “Ultra” edition which will be available in North American stores and on sometime in April for $20, and will be the same as the Steam version save one thing; Alien Hominid will be in it!

Third version of Super Meat Boy, here I come.