Super Meat Boy Wii Not Coming in November

Team Meat has announced via Twitter that the Wii version of Super Meat Boy will not be coming out in November due to technical restraints. In order for the game to be released on WiiWare, it has to be reduced to below 50MB which is no small feat for the amount of content contained in the original. Their current goal is to get the game down to 39MB. They have confirmed however that the Steam version will be coming out in the last week of November.

In addition the team has responded with their reasons for not creating a sequel to the highly successful and critically acclaimed game;

“The whole reason we made “the internets” for xbla and are making an editor and level viewer for the pc version was to be able to expand on the game without making a new game. This of course seems dumb to business minded folk because it means we aren’t charging for tons of bonus content, but the majority of this content will be made by the user, and lets face it, Super Meat Boy isn’t ours anymore, it’s owned by the fans. It only seems right to give them the ability to control the content that goes into its expansion.”

To hear more on their thoughts make sure to check out their blog. Super Meat Boy is easily one of my favorite Arcade games of the year. While it would be nice to see a Bigger and Better sequel, I’m excited to see the team supporting the game and doing everything they can to make it a success and I just hope that whatever they decide to do after this is as original and exciting as Super Meat Boy.

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