Super Meat Boy WiiWare Version Canceled, Studio Developing for 3DS

on February 28, 2011 8:30 PM

Team Meat has been tweeting out a ton of interesting information and statistics about how their game is doing and what direction they are heading. For starters, they canceled the WiiWare version of Super Meat Boy but announced they are confirmed developers for the 3DS. Does this mean Super Meat Boy is heading to the console, or will their next game have a version on Nintendo’s newest money machine. Either way, it’s a bummer to see the WiiWare version get canceled but glad to see they are still finding new hardware to work with.

Another bit of interesting news is that sales for the game have surpassed 400,000 and that Steam sales were higher than XBLA sales. This could be a factor with Game Feast, Microsoft’s promo for XBLA titles in the Fall, being a major flop and not catching enough attention as Summer of Arcade normally sees. It’s rare to see the PC version outperform the console version so all PC fanboys can safely shout out IN YOUR FACE!

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