8-Bit Platformer Super Mighty Power Man Replicates Games from the Third-Generation; Kickstarter Campaign Now Live

Super Mighty Power Man by Box Hedge Games effectively recreates your favorite retro games from third generation consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System.em.

on November 20, 2017 11:07 AM

On November 14, 2017, independent French developer Box Hedge Games launched a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming run and gun platformer Super Mighty Power Man.

According to the Kickstarter page, Super Mighty Power Man is a “genuine 2D action‐platformer” that takes massive inspiration from Mega Man as well as numerous other games released during the iconic third generation of gaming, such as Castlevania, Contra and Super Mario Bros.

In Super Mighty Power Man, you control Corey, a boy who finds himself tangled in an unexpected adventure to save the galaxy. Sporting a mysterious device called merely “The Power Grasp” and accompanied by a clumsy extraterrestrial robot named Robby. Players will fight and jump their way through dangerous environments, hordes of monsters, and other hazardous traps to free seized planets from the oppression of his adversaries lieutenants as they try and save Earth from the forces of evil General Mok.

Much like the Mega Man series, Corey will have the ability to swap between eight different suits and “master their respective weapons and skills to help navigate him in his quest.”

The title’s Kickstarter page has made $15,199 of its $58,644 goal from 441 backers and is set to launch on 3DS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. The campaign still has 27 days to go until it ends with several backing tiers still available, including *** The Star Reader *** for $64.76 and includes a physical softcover art book, in-game credit, a copy of the game, as well as other perks exclusive to that backing tier.

Check out some screenshots of the game, as well as a photo of the game’s box art below:

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