Super Monkey Ball May Be Returning According to Listing in Taiwan

Super Monkey Ball May Be Returning According to Listing in Taiwan

A PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch release of the recently trademarked Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball seems more plausible after listing in Taiwan.

While the Super Monkey Ball series struck a chord with many people back in the GameCube and PS2 days, it has fallen to the wayside in recent years. The series has not seen a new game since 2014 and that last game was a mobile title that played quite differently. Recently, the closest thing we have gotten to Super Monkey Ball is the successfully funded indie game Rolled Out!. Hopefully, that will be will be changing soon as a listing from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee seems to indicate.

As Polygon reported, the listing, if true, shows that a new Super Monkey Ball game is on its way for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. While Sega would not comment on this listing, it matches up with a Japanese trademark for the game’s title. Sega registered a trademark for Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball in Japan back in May. Considering that the series has players collecting bananas in each level, the fact that the first part of that title translates to “ripe” or “ready to eat” according to Polygon makes sense.

While Sega can dispute the Taiwanese listing, though they have proven to be true in the past, the Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball trademark filing in Japan seems to heavily indicate that something may be on its way. As always, take this with a grain of salt as there is also a chance that the game either does not exist or is not a traditional Super Monkey Ball game.

If Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball is real, DualShockers will keep you in the loop whenever it is announced for Japan or the west. As a fan of the earlier entries in the series, I am personally hoping for a return to form on current platforms; hopefully, Sega follows through and does that.