Super Nintendo World Direct Livestream Coming Today

Super Nintendo World Direct Livestream Coming Today

Universal Studios Japan's latest attraction gets the Nintendo direct treatment today.

Nintendo has toyed with a few different directs this year. We’ve had a range of Partner Presentations, a few Indie World Showcases and a handful of videos geared towards a single title or franchise.

Adding another feather to their Direct cap, Nintendo has confirmed that later on today, Friday, December 18, they will be hosting another new type of showcase. This video won’t be focused on a single game, a range of games or any games at all, as instead, they will be spending 15 minutes showing off Universal Studios Japan’s newest area, Super Nintendo World.

The video will be live and will take place at 3PM PT/ 6PM ET/ 11PM UK. Nintendo has been quick to confirm however that no footage of any upcoming games will be shown.

It was recently confirmed that the Super Nintendo World area of the park would be opening to the public on February 4, 2021, after originally getting delayed from Spring, due to the pandemic. The park is designed to feel like “a life-size, living video game where you could become one of the characters,” and “You’re not just playing the game; you’re living the game, you’re living the adventure.”

We’ve previously got a look at the new AR Mario Kart ride, titled Mario Kart Koopa’s Circuit. Set in Bowser’s castle, riders will wear a pair of Super Mario AR Goggles and then will  “set off from Bowser’s castle and race through different scenes including a lava level, underwater, a spooky area, Rainbow Road and more.” It’s also been reported that alongside the Super Mario area of Universal Studios Japan, Nintendo is building a Donkey Kong section.

While it’s unlikely those in the West will be heading out to Japan to visit the park any time soon, this direct will certainly be worth watching as the attraction is likely to top many people’s bucket lists.

You can watch today’s presentation live on the Nintendo YouTube channel.