Super Rare Games to Start “Super Rare Club” Membership

Super Rare Games to Start “Super Rare Club” Membership

A company called Super Rare Games, devoted to limited physical releases of Switch games, is reported to be starting a membership program.

Nintendo Switch owners want physical copies of their favorite independent games and goodies to come with them, and Super Rare Games wants to bring them to you. Details leaked for the London-based company’s plans to roll out a membership program called the “Super Rare Club” for their most loyal fans.

Super Rare Games released several physical Switch games, including Human: Fall Flat, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Mutant Mudds Collection, and Snake Pass. With these copies so limited, the aforementioned games are sold out.

Currently, Super Rare Games has N++ available and Steredenn: Binary Stars to look forward to soon. In addition to the games, the company also sells vinyl editions of some original soundtracks for these games, as well as several packs of trading cards.

Information about the Super Rare Club was posted online by the company, before being taken down, presumably to save the proper announcement for January 2019. Per the leak, these will be the benefits of the membership:

  • Access to all products 48 hours before their general release dates

  • Priority shipping: we will send your games out before anyone else

  • Be part of a secret mailing list and receive inside information and exclusive game announcements

  • Added to a secret Discord server containing other members and also the Super Rare Games team

  • Entered into monthly competitions to win special items and signed copies of games

  • 25% discount on any purchased merchandise (one use only)

In comparison, Limited Run Games offers other titles like Celeste and Iconoclasts, with the company recently putting out a shop page for a Nintendo Switch game blind box. Club membership for Super Rare Games would be available starting in January, with membership lasting for a full calendar year.