Super Robot Wars Series’ Next Stream to be Held on November 19th [UPDATED]

Super Robot Wars Series’ Next Stream to be Held on November 19th [UPDATED]

Bandai Namco announced the next stream for Super Robot Wars will be held on November 19th. There's a high chance the next game will be announced on it.

Bandai Namco announced via the official Super Robot Wars Twitter account that the next stream for the series, a two hours-long stream, will be held on November 19th, 21:00 JST. The series has nearly monthly “NamaSupa” streams for more than a year now, where they announce new mecha toys along with the latest information for Super Robot Wars X-Ω (Cross-Omega), the series’ gacha game. For example, the latest stream revealed that Muv-Luv Alternative would join X-Ω ‘s cast list for a limited period.

While I don’t write about these streams each month, I’m writing about this particular one because there’s a very high chance the next game in the series will be announced during the stream. It’s all but confirmed by the wording of the stream’s announcement in Japanese. Furthermore, the series has recently been getting one new game a year, and it’s always been announced during a stream in late November or early December. You can be sure you’ll get to hear all about the possible announcements made on stream here, as I never miss them since I’m used to live-translating them on Twitter.

The links to follow the stream on Niconico and Youtube will be published at a later date.

The Super Robot Taisen/Super Robot Wars series is mainly made of crossover strategy RPGs featuring many mecha-related series and is ongoing for more than 27 years in Japan. The latest games were released in English via Asia versions: Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers is available for PS4, Super Robot Wars V, and Super Robot Wars X are both available for Vita and PS4.

Update: Here’s the stream’s links: Youtube, Niconico, Live Line.

On November 11th, producer Takanobu Terada also updated the Super Robot Wars’ official blog, thanking everyone for the birthday wishes he received, his birthday being on November 11th. The number of connections on X-Ω was higher than usual on that day too. Lastly, he said we should try our best to not miss the stream, even if it might be hard to watch it, seeing it’ll be late on a Monday night for Japan.