Super Robot Wars 30 DLC 2, PV 3 Trailer Revealed, New Units Details

Ultraman, Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (with Bael and Flauros) join Super Robot Wars 30 DLC 2, creating a legendary crossover with Gridman, Sakura Wars.

October 25, 2021

Bandai Namco held a new Super Robot Wars stream on October 25, revealing the PV 3 and DLC Pack 2 of Super Robot Wars 30, most notably showcasing Ultraman.

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Nintendo Switch Trailer | Home for the Holidays

Nintendo Switch Trailer | Home for the Holidays

Ultraman joins Super Robot Wars 30 as part of DLC Pack 2

This is the first time ever that Ultraman is featured in Super Robot Wars. While Super Sentai and even Space Sheriff series showed up in mobile game SRW Cross Omega, Ultraman was still one of the sole veterans of the Tokusatsu genre who didn’t.

Producer Takanobu Terada explained on stream that since Super Robot Wars 30 has Gridman, they tried to ask if they could add Ultraman as well, and they could. Ultraman directly influenced some of the most iconic mecha series ever, like Evangelion, so it’s great to see it debut in the 30th-anniversary game.

Super Robot Wars 30 DLC 2 adds Ultraman, Ultraman Seven, Ultraman Ace. Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans is also getting added. Producer Terada confirmed that while they don’t show up in the trailer, Gundam Bael and Gundam Flauros also appear.

Lastly, the two Original Generation characters are Excellen and Kyosuke. Excellen is still voiced by the late Yuko Mizutani, using lines she recorded in the past. In a previous stream, producer Terada once mentioned she will only get replaced if a new Super Robot Wars OG anime is made.

Regarding KoRyuOh and RyuKoOh in DLC Pack 1, Terada mentioned he’s aware some fans are unhappy they counted them as the two OG units of the DLC even if it’s technically one unit that transforms. However, they did have to animate both, so it’s only fair they counted them separately.

Trailers, fun comments from the seiyuu

Tomokazu Sugita mentioned that the protagonist you didn’t pick will show up in the story. He added that if you pick his protagonist, Edge, “something good happens with captain Mitsuba”. Implying they start going out. Japanese fans jokingly mentioned this is a reference to the running seiyuu gag stating Tomokazu Sugita has an unrequited crush on Saori Hayami. Who voices Mitsuba in SRW 30.

Japanese food maker Calbee currently lets you name your own snacks on its official site. As long as it ends with “-co”. So Sugita is having fun lately making “Chirico” snacks.

Mai Aizawa was on stream too, as the voice of female OG protagonist Az, though she barely talked. She was having fun though.

Daisuke Sakaguchi introduced himself as “the voice of Uso in V Gundam, though I prefer Zeta Gundam“. He jokingly brought this up several times as the stream kept going. It was his first time appearing on an SRW stream.

Sakaguchi also mentioned how it was pretty hard voicing Uso. Because he did it right after the state of emergency due to Covid-19 was lifted in Japan. So he had to record a character he first voiced decades ago, right after he spent days at home without talking to anyone.

Nobuyuki Hiyama pointed out how Goldion Finger doesn’t show up in the anime. It’s the first time we saw it animated. Goldion Finger was also trending on Japan’s Twitter as the stream ended alongside Gridman, Ultraman, Orphens, etc.

Super Robot Wars 30 new gameplay on Nintendo Switch (26:35 timestamp)

Some gameplay from a late free mission was shown with our protagonists fighting the Poseidal army. Terada mentioned they’re pretty strong and it gives off SRW F vibes.

One of the BGMs you can hear during the gameplay segment is the Enemy Phase BGM of Shin Super Robot Taisen. Terada mentioned he’d like to keep doing the Shin SRW let’s play live stream with Soichiro Morizumi but it’s unknown when’ll they’ll be able to do it again. As a side note, Soichiro Morizumi picked up streaming after that first late-night talk show stream on October 12, 2020. He plays PSO2 NGS with a Xiaomu lookalike character.

Nobuyuki Hiyama was the one playing, but he usually plays on PS4 so he wasn’t used to the Switch controller at all. And did a lot of funny mistakes. Including Uso getting shot down right from the beginning. Terada prevented him from showing a bunch of finishers too.

During the Super Robot Wars DD segment, Terada mentioned a new Crossing Pilot event might be happening soon. However, it’s not set in stone yet and it’s pretty hard to set up. But if they manage to pull it off it’ll be huge.

New 196 pages, full color Super Robot Wars OG mecha and character artbook

The toys and merch segment at the end of the stream most notably included a look at this new art book. The back cover of the artbook, the same as on the poster seen above, is a brand new piece drawn by character designer Sachiko Kohno. It’s the first time she’s drawing Almana from Alpha 3 in years. And the book contains newly drawn artwork references of Almana for the front and back of her costume.

The artbook also contains the final artwork of Daisei Fujii, SD versions of the Gunleon and Virgola from SRW Z. The book’s sponsor really likes the Gunleon and wanted an SD version like this, so they threw in the Virgola too. Terada also paid tribute to Daisei Fujii during the stream, mentioning his work will live on and many mecha he designed will keep showing up in Super Robot Wars games.

Super Robot Wars 30 launches on October 28, on PS4 and Switch in Japan and Asia, and on PC via Steam worldwide. The Japanese version of the game and the Steam version includes the English translation. And here’s the usual end of stream shot with everyone:

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