Super Robot Wars 30 English Release Time, Price on Steam, Switch, PS4, How to Get The DLC

Everything you should know to be able to buy and play Super Robot Wars 30 in English on PS4, Switch, or Steam with all the DLC including Sakura Wars, Ultraman.

October 27, 2021

Super Robot Wars 30, the 30th anniversary game of the crossover RPG with various mecha anime and licenses, is releasing on October 28, 2021 – here’s when is the game unlocking on PS4, Switch, and Steam (PC).

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Super Robot Wars 30 release time on PC via Steam

Super Robot Wars 30 will be launching at 6 PM EST, 3 PM PST on Steam. Click here for a countdown and a conversion to most time zones. The Steam page is accessible here. Super Robot Wars 30 is available in English on Steam alongside all of its DLC, and it’s the easiest way to get the game. As it’s a worldwide release.

The standard version is $50 on Steam. The digital deluxe edition, which includes all the DLC, is at $75. Lastly, you have the Ultimate Edition at $95, which includes original songs from various anime.

If you haven’t preordered the game yet, you should do so to get Cybaster and SRX. This is the only way to get the units at launch. Bandai Namco stated it’s possible they will be released as separate DLC later on.

How to buy Super Robot Wars 30 in English on PS4, Switch, with the DLC

The easiest way is to grab the Japanese versions of the game, which contain the English translation. You can either import a physical version, or buy it digitally on the Japanese Nintendo Eshop and the Japanese PlayStation Store

You’ll need to buy prepaid cards if you don’t have a Japanese Paypal account or a Japanese credit card. In order to buy on the Japanese PSN, you’ll also need to create a Japanese PSN account. As for the Switch Eshop, you just need to change your account’s region to Japanese.

Keep in mind however that if you buy the Japanese digital version now, and if you didn’t preoder, it’s too late to get the SRX and Cybaster. We’re past midnight October 28 in Japan, so the game is already out.

Super Robot Wars 30 series list

  • Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V
  • Mazinger Z: Infinity
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • Z-MSV (UO)
  • The King of Braves Gaogaigar Final (UO)
  • Shin Getter Change! The Last Day Of The World
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack
  • M-MSV (UO)
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion III — Glorification * (UO)
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection
  • First Gundam (UO)
  • L-Gaim
  • Rayearth
  • Gun Sword
  • Gundam Narrative
  • V Gundam
  • Majestic Prince
  • Knight’s & Magic *
  • Mazinkaiser Infinitism * (UO)
  • J-Decker *
  • Gridman *
  • Gaogaigar vs Betterman *
  • Ryusei in the SRX, Masaki in Cybaster (digital pre order/physical first print copies bonuses)

DLC 1: Sakura Wars series*, Gundam CCA Beltorchika’s Children / Hi Nu Gundam, Kusuha and Bullet in RyuKoOh/ KoRyuOh.

DLC 2: Gundam IBO, Ultraman*, Kyosuke in ALteisen Riese, Excellen in Rein Weissritter.

*=First appearance, UO= Units Only. DLC packs 1 and 2 each add 13 additional stages. The DLC series are Units Only and their story elements are not featured in the main game.

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