Super Robot Wars Producer Discusses Botched Game Projects; Updates on the Mobile Games

Super Robot Wars Producer Discusses Botched Game Projects; Updates on the Mobile Games

Producer Terada wishes to make another fantasy-themed Super Robot Wars with Wataru, Granzort, Rayearth, and Escaflowne.

Today was the usual monthly Super Robot Wars stream. The latest console game of the series, Super Robot Wars T, has been released on March 20, so the stream was mostly dedicated to toys and the mobile games: Super Robot Wars Cross-Omega, and the upcoming Super Robot Wars DD.

In Super Robot Wars X-Ω related news, the game will now be getting Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet and Shounen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan as time-limited additions. There’s nothing weird about Gargantia, but Go Go Goma-chan is actually a kids manga from the ’80s, which currently has a new anime adaptation airing. It’s basically about a boy and his baby seal friend Goma. The series was initially announced as an April Fool’s, but got in for real, because it technically does feature a robot, the robot seal Gomabo. Gomabo can speak both human and seal language and translates what Goma says. This is similar to what happens in Gargantia‘s story with Chamber acting as Ledo’s translator, so they decided to add both series together.

As for Super Robot Wars DD, it still has no precise release date, besides “between summer and fall 2019“. However, Producer Akai revealed new changes to the game, taking into account the biggest feedbacks they’ve got following the multiple test sessions:

  • Super Robot Wars DD had some pretty long and frequent loadings screens during its tests. Most of these loadings won’t be in the final game or will be much shorter.
  • Each unit will be able to use three different Spirit Commands in the final game, instead of one.
  • The game’s UI will be reworked to be clearer, intermission screen included.
  • Lastly, we’ll be able to regulate the auto mode’s speed.

Next, a new corner was revealed to celebrate the series’ anniversary in April. Super Robot Wars Series Producer Takanobu Terada spoke about some of the series’ botched projects. He revealed the botched plan for a tentatively named “Shin Super Robot Taisen” game. Technically, another game called that already released on PlayStation 1, but that one was using “新/Shin/New” in its title instead of “真/Shin/True”, so the name is different.

“Shin Super Robot Taisen” would only have around 15 series, all old-school “Super Robot” anime from the Showa Era (1926 to 1989), hence why it would be named “The True Super Robot Wars”. The game would be gunning for Japanese men over 45 years old who saw these shows as they grew up. The story would be taking place in 1970, with no internet access or smartphones. The good guys would be facing a desperate do-or-die situation, with the villains from all the series banding together under the same old-fashioned goal: the eradication of the human race. Producer Terada said he’d really like to do that for once, because newer mecha anime have complex villains, meaning they never all work together in Super Robot Wars.

“Shin Super Robot Taisen” would include series such as Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Combatler V, Voltes V, Koutetsu Jeeg and Groizer X. Overall the game would have been close to the Alpha series, with some of the newest additions from V, X, and T, but a bit simpler, with no system like SR points. The small number of series would be compensated by the number of units, by including as many sidekick mecha like Boss Borot as possible. Getting all the seiyuu of each character back would be extremely difficult though.

Every combining robot would be separated into distinct units like in Super Robot Wars 4 or Alpha 1. You’d be able to upgrade the Pilder separately for example. All the launch scenes and combining scenes would have proper animations too. All the animation would be top-notch, and the battle animations would be at around the same level of quality as the best ones in SRW T.

As for the length, the game would have probably been around 40 scenarios long, with around 70 scenarios in total by counting the different routes. “Probably”, because those numbers could have greatly varied if the project actually went through. As a new game + bonus, you’d be able to play the villains’ side, controlling characters like Baron Ashura and Great General Garuda.

“Shin Super Robot Wars” would only have an Original male protagonist, with no female protagonist. Players would get to choose between two different girls to pair him with: a rough girl or a calm girl. He’d be a typical hot-blooded pilot similar to Kouji, Ryoma, and Hyouma. Producer Terada had even decided on a designer and seiyuu for the characters but didn’t say who, just that they’re super popular veterans in the industry, to match up with the game’s oldschool feel.

“Shin Super Robot Taisen” would only have a Limited Edition with every single vocal version of the opening songs. When Producer Terada asked how much viewers would be willing to pay for it, most comments answered prices around 20 000 Yen, which is quite expensive. And yet, Producer Terada stated that even then, it wouldn’t be enough to make the game profitable, considering all the points mentioned so far. He wasn’t completely sure though, as it’s not like the project ever went past its plan phase.

Most of it would be too hard to realize, and Producer Terada didn’t even speak of the project to Bandai Namco. He got shot down immediately by everyone else at B.B Studio, the internal studio of Bandai Namco developing most Super Robot Wars games. The younger members of the staff especially had understandably no interest whatsoever in the project. In the end, the idea turned into trying to make a Super Robot Wars game representing three different modern eras of Japan: Showa, Heisei, and the new Reiwa Era starting in May 2019. This is how Super Robot Wars DD was born, with its world 1 representing the Showa Era. Dunbine was in fact initially in World 2 but got moved to World 1 to include at least one “Real Robot” series.

Lastly, Producer Terada said it’s not like he completely gave up on the idea, and a similar game might be released one day. He jokingly said you should bug Bandai Namco about it if you’re truly interested. A “Shin Real Robot Wars” won’t be made though, as it’ll be too similar to the series’ usual. A “Super Mazinger Wars”-like game, with every single iteration of Mazinger, would be a good idea. He also mentioned that a “Super Fantasy Wars” similar to SRW Neo but with even more shows, like Wataru, Granzort, Rayearth, and Escaflowne, isn’t out of the question either.

The usual shot with everyone who was on stream. Next stream won’t be happening next month and should be coming a bit later.

You can find the trailer for Gargantia and Go Go Goma-chan getting in SRW Cross-Omega below.