Super Robot Wars DD Producers Explain Why Devilman Is Included, How to get Free Unit Parts

Super Robot Wars DD Producers Explain Why Devilman Is Included, How to get Free Unit Parts

Super Robot Wars DD Producer Takanobu Terada, Masatoshi Akai explained how to get Unit Parts outside the gacha, why Devilman is in the game.

During Taipei Game Show 2018, Super Robot Wars Producer Takanobu Terada and Super Robot Wars DD Producer Masatoshi Akai answered some questions from Chinese game site GNN Gamer. I sadly can’t read Chinese, but we’ve got a translation now thanks to Siliconera. Terada and Akai shared new details on upcoming mobile game Super Robot Wars DD, explaining why they added Devilman to the cast list, and basically how far can players get by without rolling the gacha.

As we previously covered, Super Robot Wars DD is different from classic Super Robot Wars games, with how units only have one common attack, and can equip one stronger attack by equipping “Unit Parts”. These “Units Parts” are obtainable in the game’s gacha, but Producer Akai revealed players will be able to get some for free as well. From events, log-in bonuses and the like.

As for speed determining unit play turn instead of “ally phase” and “enemy phase”, it was decided in order to make SRW DD‘s auto mode smoother. Without it, players would need to tap “End Turn” like in other Super Robot Wars games, breaking the auto mode’s flow.

As we previously explained, the Devilman series included in Super Robot Wars DD is the original manga by Go Nagai from 1972. Obviously, the manga had no voices though, so Sho Hayami is voicing Akira Fudo/Devilman in the game, like in the 1887, 1990 OVAs. As for why Devilman is in the game, this is what Producer Terada answered:

Honestly, I wanted to add in Devilman 20 years ago, but could never find the opportunity. Mainly I was a bit nervous that players would deem Devilman as a non-mecha series, and cause them to question the core concept of Super Robot Wars. However, Super Robot Wars X-Omega actually has a lot of non-mecha series participants. Also, because Super Robot Wars DD is the first mobile game in the series to be released overseas, we decided that we may as well try it!

He added that Sirene is in the game as well.

Producer Terada already explained many times in the past that there are many different conditions required to include a series in Super Robot Wars, some of which we can’t even imagine. It’s far from being the first time he says he always wanted to put in a certain series in Super Robot Wars, but couldn’t find the right opportunity to do so.

Producer Akai mentioned multiple times during streams that “overseas players will be able to enjoy Super Robot Wars DD as well” but it’s still unclear if he means an English version will be announced, or if he was only talking about the Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao versions.

Super Robot Wars DD was announced in November 2018. The game will launch in 2019 in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. You can read about the game’s story and original characters including protagonist Dido/Didarion in a previous story.

The other upcoming Super Robot Wars game, Super Robot Wars T, releases in English on March 20 for PS4 and Switch. You can check the game’s second trailer and everything important about the game in a previous story.

The next Super Robot Wars stream happens this Thursday so look forward to our report. They might show new gameplay for both Super Robot Wars T and Super Robot Wars DD.