Super Robot Wars DD is Scheduled to Launch Between Summer and Fall 2019

Super Robot Wars DD is Scheduled to Launch Between Summer and Fall 2019

New gameplay and a release date estimate for the newest Super Robot Wars mobile game featuring Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Valvrave and Devilman.

Bandai Namco held today the usual Super Robot Wars monthly stream. The stream was over 2 hours long and featured Super Robot Wars T, which is out in a few hours on Switch and PS4, the already released Super Robot Wars X-Ω mobile game, and the new upcoming mobile game, Super Robot Wars DD. You can read about Super Robot Wars T’s part of the stream here.

During Super Robot Wars DD‘s segment, Producer Red, whose real name is Masatoshi Akai, shared some development updates on the game. Following Super Robot Wars DD‘s playtest session in December 2018, the staff received intense feedback from the players. The SRW DD development team carefully combed through the feedback these past three months while working on the game. They now need more time to answer the players’ expectations and the game will be launching a bit later this year. Taking this into consideration, Producer Red announced that the game will be launching between Summer and Fall 2019.

As a reminder, Super Robot Wars DD has 4 different Worlds to start with, with each World having different series. At some point in the story, all units from all 4 Worlds will converge together. Units are obtainable through the story, while new weapons and parts are obtainable through the gacha.

It was announced on today’s stream that players will be able to do a different World’s starting stages even though they picked another World at the beginning. All the units and characters they unlocked so far will be usable in other Worlds too.

New Super Robot Wars DD gameplay was shown on stream as well, played by Yohei Azakami, the seiyuu of Dido, the Original protagonist of the game. It was Azakami’s second time on stream now, and when asked what’s the thing he likes the most about the streams, he said the food they get before it.

As usual, at the end of the stream, a photo with the personalities of each game’s segment was published on Twitter. This is the photo for the Super Robot Wars DD segment. We have from left to right: SRW DD protagonist’s seiyuu Yohei Azakami, SRW DD Producer Red, Super Robot Wars X-Ω Producer Hiroaki Oochi and SRW X-Ω protagonist’s seiyuu Kenji Akabane. The photo is quite funny and illustrates the “rivalry” between the two SRW mobile games.

Super Robot Wars DD will launch in Japan, but also in Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong with specific localizations. Producer Red already said in a previous stream that “players overseas will be able to play the game as well” but it’s unclear if he meant those versions or if an English version will be announced at some point.

You can find the stream below, with the gameplay part of Super Robot Wars DD being from the 9:11 mark to 35:50.

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