Super Robot Wars Series Stream on December 12 Might Reveal a New Game

We might get a new Super Robot Wars game, a new SRW OG, or hopefully, no announcement besides SRW T on Steam and the series will take a break.

Bandai Namco announced the next Super Robot Wars stream will be held on December 12, at 21:30 JST (click here for time conversions). You can access the stream’s Youtube page here. These streams, called the Nama Suparobo Channel, are mostly monthly and feature new information on the ongoing mobile games Super Robot Wars X-Ω (pronounced Cross Omega) and Super Robot Wars DD, and new info on mecha toys. Moreover, there are many hints pointing at the fact that a new Super Robot Wars game should be announced on this next stream.

The stream will feature the usual people: the usual comedy duo as the MCs, SRW series Producer Takanobu Terada, SRW Producer Shohei Mogami, SRW X-Ω Producer Hiroaki Oochi, SRW DD Producer Akaii, the Bandai Spirits toys people, and seiyuu Kenji Akabane who voices SRW X-Ω ‘s protagonist. As guests, the stream will also feature seiyuu Yohei Azakami, who voices SRW DD‘s protagonist, and others, unannounced guests.

Nowadays, the Super Robot Wars series has at least one new console game a year, and these games are usually announced on these streams, in November or December. I’m personally hoping for a new Super Robot Wars OG game, or actually no new game announcement, so the series can take a longer break.

I’m also hoping for no new game yet because another announcement that has a high chance of happening is a PC Steam port of Super Robot Wars T, currently available on Switch and PS4. The two other games before it were already announced for Steam, Super Robot Wars V is already available, and Super Robot Wars X will be on Steam on January 10, 2020. The English versions, however, are only on the Southeast Asia Steam. Getting another game announced immediately now will make things a bit crowded in my opinion.

One thing for sure is that we’ll hear about the next time-limited addition coming in SRW X-Ω. Anything goes nowadays. The Witcher 3 actually got in Daemon x Machina so what if it turns up in SRW too. I’m personally still waiting for Pretty Rhythm to be included.

As a side note, if a new Super Robot Wars OG game is announced, we’ll see who is replacing Yuuko Mizutani to voice Excellen Browning and Alfimi. Yuuko Mizutani sadly passed away in May 2016. She was extremely talented and did tons of roles from the Japanese voice of Minnie Mouse to Mihoshi in Tenchi Muyou.
As another related note, the seiyuu of Captain Harlock, Makio Inoue, sadly passed away on November 29. He was Captain Harlock’s Japanese voice since the very first anime adaptation in 1978, and he was particularly happy to voice Captain Harlock again for his apparition in Super Robot Wars T. There will definitely be a tribute to him during the stream.

In any case, we’ll be summarizing the whole stream as always, and will tell you as soon as possible if a new SRW game is announced.

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