Super Robot Wars T's English Localization Was Handled by the Same Translators as Super Robot Wars X

You can jump on Super Robot Wars T's Southeast Asia English version with nothing to fear about its translation's quality.

Super Robot Wars T is the latest standalone entry in the Super Robot Wars mecha crossover RPG series and includes anime such as Captain Harlock, Cowboy Bebop and G Gundam. The game is available on PS4 and Switch in Japan and in multiple parts of Asia. Bandai Namco localized the game in Chinese, Korean, and last but not least, in English. Each version of the game features the JAM Project opening song “Tread on The Tiger’s Tail” sung in the version’s language along with the original Japanese version.

While a handful of Super Robot Wars games received official localizations in the past by Atlus USA, it is now the fourth time in a row that a Super Robot Wars console game is officially available in English through its Southeast Asia version. Super Robot Wars T follows Super Robot Wars OGs: The Moon Dwellers released in 2016, Super Robot Wars V released in 2017, and Super Robot Wars X released in 2018. Bandai Namco is releasing the games in English this way in order to avoid the licensing nightmare that would surface by trying to localize the crossover series in the west.

However, Super Robot Wars OGs: The Moon Dwellers‘ English translation was quite bad, with translation errors, most notably grammatical errors, plaguing the players’ experience. Following this, players have become understandably wary about future English Southeast Asia releases. However, Super Robot Wars V and X‘s translations were quite excellent, and it is the case for SRW T as well.

Now that SRW T is out, credits are public and some of the translators part of the English localization team revealed their involvement on Twitter:

Both Christina Rose/@dramata1 and Jason Moses/@mosesplan previously worked on Super Robot Wars X’s translation. Rising translator @gtcaphi was involved too. Christina Rose especially is famous among longtime fans for her older Super Robot Wars related fan translations. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t be writing on DualShockers or aiming to become a translator myself if not for inspiring people like her. Be sure to give them all a huge thank you over on Twitter.

In related news, as you already know, the Switch version of SRW T has no access to the “Custom BGM” function, which allows you to use any MP3 on your console as in-game battle animation BGM. Moreover, the Southeast Asia English Switch version has no access to the buyable DLC scenarios, as there is no Southeast Asia Nintendo Eshop. Bandai Namco Asia announced however that the game’s first-print bonus is available on the Southeast Asia Switch version through a patch. Please keep all of this in mind if you’re planning to get the Switch version of the game.

Super Robot Wars related news should be pretty tame now that SRW T is out. I may be writing a review for it, though it probably won’t come anytime soon as I take my sweet time when playing those games. At least one more article is coming as well, with comments on the radio show from Producer Terada, and the OG protagonists’ seiyuu Umeka Shouji and Takeshi Kusao. I will also keep doing summaries of the monthly Super Robot Wars streams and report what kind of unexpected series will get in the Super Robot Wars X-Ω mobile game.

In any case, see you this summer for the release of the new mobile game Super Robot Wars DD, and next year for another Super Robot Wars console game, which will hopefully release in English as well.

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