Super Robot Wars T Gets New Information in Famitsu Revealing Playable Gespenst; English Trailer [UPDATED]

This week's Famitsu features new information on Super Robot Wars T for Switch and PS4, revealing a playable Gespenst mecha unit.

November 21, 2018

This week’s Famitsu Magazine will include a feature on Bandai Namco’s Super Robot Wars series, following the live stream that announced Super Robot Wars T for PS4 and Switch, and Super Robot Wars DD for mobile.

Super Robot Wars T’s lineup includes many exciting series, such as G Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Magic Knight Rayearth and Arcadia of My Youth. Famitsu Magazine will detail the characters and mecha units which appeared in the first trailer.

Famitsu also revealed that a Gespenst mecha unit will be playable in the game. The Gespenst is among the first original mecha created by Banpresto for Super Robot Wars and has been featured in many games in the series. Similar original mecha were also featured in Super Robot Wars V for the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and original mecha Cybaster and its pilot Masaki were featured in Super Robot Wars X.


You can find below a preview of the magazine showing the Gespenst. This post will be updated with more details and scans of the magazine after its release on Thursday midnight JST. Meanwhile, you can check the details on the game and Super Robot Wars DD in our previous article. It includes many details from series producer Terada Takanobu as well. Moreover, you can find below the English version of the game’s first trailer, as Super Robot Wars T’s Southeast Asia version will support English language.

Super Robot Wars T will release for PS4 and Switch in 2019 in Japan and multiple Asian countries.

Update: Here’s the new tidbits from Famitsu.

The Gespenst in Super Robot Wars T will be piloted by a brand new Original character, and the story behind the unit’s presence will be unrelated to past games. The pilot, the Gespenst’s history and its specificities will be revealed later. You can see below the screenshots included in the magazine, showing the Gespenst attacking with its Plasma Cutter.

The magazine also features the names of the units, pilots and attacks seen in the trailer. The units’ sub pilots are listed as well. Noriko is the only pilot listed for Gunbuster, hinting on the fact she’ll be piloting it alone for a certain period of the game, just like in the two Super Robot Wars Z3 games.

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