[UPDATED] Super Robot Wars T Gets New Details On Story, Series List Explanation

Super Robot Wars series producer Takanobu Terada shared some new details for Super Robot Wars T on Umasugi Wave, the series' radio show.

November 27, 2018

The Super Robot Wars series has its own official radio show, titled Umasugi Wave, which has been going for over 12 years now. It’s hosted by series producer Takanobu Terada, voice actress Mai Aizawa, voice actor Tomokazu Sugita, and JAM Project’s Masaaki Endoh.

The episode of Umasugi Wave following the reveal of Super Robot Wars T on a live stream had Terada-san going back on the game. As the episodes are recorded at least two weeks before they’re published, the episode itself was recorded before the public announcement of Super Robot Wars T. As such, most of the information Terada-san shared with the other three was already said during the live stream. However, some new details have been shared as well:


Super Robot Wars T’s story will revolve around three themes: the Solar System, revenge, and something else Terada-san can’t reveal yet.

Like in Super Robot Wars X, the Nightingale from Beltorchika’s Children will be in Super Robot Wars T. We don’t know if it’ll be a secret like in X though.

As said on stream, a lot of effort is required to make G Gundam and GaoGaiGar units look good, so they usually never appear together. They put in both this time because they managed to handle that problem, and also because both shows are very popular outside Japan.

One of the reasons why Cowboy Bebop and Captain Harlock were picked is because Super Robot Wars T will have the whole solar system as its stage, and the two series fit well together. Plus, there are space pirates in Cowboy Bebop too.

Expelled From Paradise is a mecha anime so it was just naturally picked.

Gun x Sword and Van’s revenge will fit well with the game’s story.

When they were deciding the series in the game, they realized they should include a series with a spaceship as its main unit. There was Space Battleship Yamato 2199 in Super Robot Wars V, and Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water in Super Robot wars X, so producer Mogami Shouhei thought it’d be cool to keep doing it. Terada-san agreed too, but on one condition: if they manage to put in Captain Harlock this time.

Terada-san wanted to put in the first Space Pirate Captain Harlock anime adaptation from 1978, while Mogami-san wanted to put in Arcadia of My Youth. After arguing, they ended up picking Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX for multiple reasons. In the first anime, Captain Harlock’s ship, the Arcadia, is colored blue. However, it’s green in Arcadia of my Youth‘s movie and TV series. Terada-san really wanted to put in the blue one, since it’s the original design, but in the end, they decided on the green one because more people are accustomed to it. The Arcadia seen in Galaxy Express 999 is green too.

Magic Knight Rayearth is a magical girl series, and the original manga doesn’t have mechas, but the anime adaptation does, so they’ve always wanted to put it in. Rayearth takes place in another world so it’ll fit well with Dunbine too. Sugita-san added how it will feel similar to Super Robot Wars Compact 3, which featured both Escaflowne and Dunbine.

Terada-san asked Ryotaro Okiayu to voice “a certain character” in the game. If I counted correctly, there are 3 possible characters voiced by Okiayu-san in the game. Guard Diver and Loose Changer from Might Gaine, who already appeared in V and X, and Inouva from Rayearth. This means Inouva will be in the game, or that Okiayu-san is voicing a brand new Original character.

As said on stream, the game has an impressive volume of voices even for the series standards, including many veterans voice actors, even for series standard, like Harlock’s voice actor Makio Inoue. Most voice clips in the game are new too. That’s everything Terada-san revealed. More details will be coming later.

As far as I know, when working on Super Robot Wars, Bandai Namco has a lot of different conditions they must fulfill when picking which series will appear in a game. This is why Super Robot Wars T doesn’t have that many series that are themed around the Solar System, even if the game itself is. We’ve still got many series leftovers from the 2 previous games as well. And then there’s still that third unknown theme of the story. In any case, I’m really looking forward to how the game will turn out.

Super Robot Wars T will also feature a Gespenst mecha unit, which was revealed in Famitsu. The game will release for PS4 and Switch in 2019. Super Robot Wars T’s Southeast Asia version will include an English translation.

Update: The game’s official site has been updated, revealing the traditional Super Robot Wars key visual for T. You can find it below.

As it has been pointed out in comments, the original manga of Rayearth does features robots as well. I hate to say it but after double-checking, it turned out to be an error from the radio hosts’ side.

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