Super Robot Wars T Gets Final Commercial, DLC Schedule, Gameplay Video and Stream Before Release

Super Robot Wars T Gets Final Commercial, DLC Schedule, Gameplay Video and Stream Before Release

Super Robot Wars T's final commercial features Rayearth's Hikaru, G Gundam's Master Asia, Captain Harlock and more.

Bandai Namco published today a new commercial for Super Robot Wars T. The commercial was randomly viewable since March 11 on YouTube and multiple screenshots from it emerged on social media, including one showing G Gundam‘s Master Asia, but the video itself was only made public and freely accessible today. The commercial is narrated by Shiina Hekiru, who voices Hikaru.

New screenshots were published on Twitter as well, showing some story scenes, artwork, mecha stats, and weapons lists. You can find them in the gallery below along with the commercial. These screenshots were also accompanied with various information like how Captain Harlock has the highest bounty ever in the world of Super Robot Wars T, or how Hikaru in Rayearth only starts with two attacks but gets more later. La Mime was also confirmed as a sub pilot for the Arcadia along with Tochiro who was already shown in the second trailer.

A new gameplay video featuring the special stage in first print copies was also published. Clearing this stage allows you to use the Original protagonist you didn’t pick and the Gespenst from the start of the game. You can find this video below.

Next, Bandai Namco also revealed that Super Robot Wars T will receive 20 DLC scenarios. All of them will be released on the game’s release day. Each scenario will be sold for around 150 to 200 Yen, and a pack with all 20 scenarios and a bonus one will be sold for 3150 Yen. As always, clearing these scenarios will grant you bonus funds and items. This is a staple in the series now and a regular practice since Super Robot Wars Z3 Jigoku in 2014, though the latest OG game, Super Robot Wars OGs The Moon Dwellers, had no DLC at all and is one of the only Bandai Namco game these past years to not feature DLC.

Lastly, Bandai Namco announced this month’s Super Robot Wars‘ series stream. It’ll be held on March 18, two days before the release of Super Robot Wars T, at 22:00 JST. Here’s the YouTube link for the stream, and here’s the Niconico link. As usual, the stream will also focus on mobile game Super Robot WarsX-Ω, and the upcoming new mobile game Super Robot Wars DD, which might get its release date announced.

The stream will feature the usual producers and comedy duo, the seiyuu Kenji Akabane(SRWX-Ω’s protagonist), Yohei Azakami (SRW DD‘s protagonist), Mai Aizawa(SRW T’s Original character Meryl), Shiori Mikami (SRW T‘s Original female protagonist Sagiri), and illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin, who designed Super Robot Wars T‘s Original mecha Tyranado. As always, look forward to a summary of the stream, with comments from the producers and seiyuu.

Super Robot Wars T launches on March 20 on PS4 and Switch, and the Southeast Asia version of the game available the same day includes an English translation.

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