Super Robot Wars T Gets New Gameplay Showing Scenario 1, New Skills Details

Super Robot Wars T's first stage gameplay, new screenshots, new skills explanation including Cowboy Bebop's Spike's "Cowboy" skill.

February 28, 2019

Bandai Namco published a playthrough video of the first scenario of Super Robot Wars T, with the male Original character, Saizo Tokito, selected as the protagonist. Keep in mind the BGM played during battle animations is the default one, not the characters’ themes in the actual game, except for Saizo.

The game flow is the same as nearly every Super Robot Wars game ever, with the visual novel-like scenario part and then the battle part. As always, the main dialogues aren’t voiced but I’d personally like if it stayed that way, as they’d definitely cut the dialogue volume if the series became fully-voiced. Even if Super Robot Wars dialogue writing is far from being the best most of the time, mostly because of the incredible amount of info redundancy even for a JRPG, it’s one of the aspects who draws people like me to the series. Seeing all the characters you like always having some screentime and lines and interacting with each other.


For the first time in a while though, Bandai Namco decided to spice things up and change how they do things a bit. The dialogue parts of Super Robot Wars T has some pretty cool artwork at times. The Super Robot Taisen official Twitter published new screenshots showing some of those artworks, along with new information detailing exactly which character joins you first and when. Some of the game’s new unique skills were explained as well. While this isn’t actually spoilers, those who want to get into the game completely blank might want to skip reading this. Same with the story parts of Stage 1.

Mazinger Z Infinity‘s Great Mazinger, piloted by Tetsuya Tsurugi, is the very first unit you get in the game along with OG mecha Tyranado. As we already know, Grea Mazinger will get its Thunder Break later in the game.

Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike Spiegel piloting his Swordfish joins the party on Scenario 2. His “Cowboy” unique skill was also explained. As Spike’s Morale grows, it increases the money he gets when shooting down enemies, with a 140% increase when he’s over 150 Morale. Spike also gets +3 to his Morale the first time you earn more than 5000 funds during a scenario.

Another new unique skill, “Acrobat”, was explained too. It boosts an unit’s Precision and Mobility as the pilot’s Morale increases.

Gun x Sword‘s Van piloting Dann of Thursday joins on Scenario 3.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam‘s Domon piloting God Gundam joins on Scenario 3 as well. God Gundam’s Hyper Mode ability activates when Domon reaches 120 Morale, it enables Erupting God Finger, and gives multiple stat increases including Movement +1 and Mobility +10.

You can find the gameplay video and the screenshots below.

We’ve extensively covered Super Robot Wars T since the game’s announcement:

Super Robot Wars T will launch on PS4 and Switch on March 20 in Japan, with an English version also available the same day through the Southeast Asian release of the game.

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