Super Robot Wars T Second Trailer Reveals Original Protagonists, Original Mecha, Opening Song by JAM Project

Bandai Namco revealed the second trailer for Super Robot Wars T, revealing Original Mecha Tiraneld and Original protagonists Saizou and Sagiri.

January 11, 2019

Bandai Namco held today the January monthly stream for the Super Robot Wars tactical RPG mecha crossover series, revealing the second trailer for Super Robot Wars T and new information on the game.

The trailer starts by revealing some more attack animations for the series included. After that part, we’ve got a first look at the game’s Original mecha and characters. For those who don’t know, Original characters and mecha are always present in each Super Robot Wars games, created to act as the main protagonist(s) in the vast crossover.

The original mecha unit is named Tiraneld, and was designed by Hidetaka Tenjin. Tiraneld is a prototype mecha unit part of the TND project developed by the VTX Union, a huge company in Super Robot Wars T‘s world. It’s a high-mobility, high-firepower unit, specialized in air battles. Tiraneld is always accompanied by the Cariacs, a large-size aircraft which carries its weapons, allowing Tiraneld to switch between many weapons on the fly. The red-haired woman seen in the trailer, Meril, is riding the aircraft.


The first Original character you can play as in Super Robot Wars T is Saizou Tokitou, voiced by Takeshi Kusao. He’s the boss of the VTX Union’s secret service’s third division and the main pilot of the prototype mecha unit Tiraneld. He’s proud of his status as a Salaryman, always prioritizes his job, and tends to have zero interest toward anything else. A way to put it nicely would be that he’s a wild, free spirit, but if you put it bluntly, he’s just an arrogant guy.

The second Original character you can play as is Sagiri Sakurai, voiced by Umeka Shouji. Here’s her profile: She’s the boss of the VTX Union’s secret service’s third division, and the main pilot of the prototype mecha unit Tiraneld. A beautiful woman on the outside, but not so much in the inside. She has a really crude personality. She’s a genius pilot who can pull off any kind of maneuvers, and her skills are widely recognized in the VTX Union, but the only drive pushing her to work that hard is money and the bonuses she’ll get.

Both characters have the same position in the story, meaning if you select one, the other might not appear in the other’s story. Both characters will also be accompanied by Lamii Amasaki, Tiraneld’s subpilot. She’s voiced by Ai Kakuma. She’s a new recruit at the VTX Union and is a subordinate of either Saizou or Sagiri. She graduated at the top of her class in the military academy and even skipped grades. She’s an excellent member of the company but tends to always worry too much about things.

All three characters were designed by NishiEda. The E is silent.

The game also features the Tac Management system already present in Super Robot Wars X. Basically, as you earn more points, it lets you choose between different permanent upgrades affecting your whole team. The Tac Points system is still present as well: all characters share a common skill points pool, and each can use them to learn new abilities. Each pilot can learn up to 30 skills. The sub-order system, first introduced on Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen on PSP, is present as well. It basically lets pilots you didn’t deploy in the previous mission obtain kills, experience, money or Tac Points.

A new system called Supporter Command is also available, granting various effects during missions, like increasing by 20% the money earned by all units for one turn. Supporter Commands basically work like Spirit Commands, and multiple characters called Supporters can use them, such as Gun X Sword‘s Wendy, Cowboy Bebop‘s Ed or Rayearth‘s Mokona. The Supporter Spirits Points, needed to use Supporter Commands, are shared between all Supporters characters.

The final part of the trailer, as always, shows some dialogue scenes, more attack animations, and then features a brand new song by JAM Project, serving as the game’s opening theme. Super Robot Wars T‘s song is titled “Tread on the Tiger’s Tail“.

Super Robot Wars T launches for PlayStation 4 and Switch on March 20. Just like with the 2 previous standalone games in the series, the Southeast Asia version of the game includes an English translation. Super Robot Wars T was first announced during a previous monthly stream, on November 19. You can find the first trailer here.

Stay tuned as another article with a full summary of the stream is coming shortly, with comments on the game by Producers Terada and Mogami, and the various voice actors who were present on stream. The English version of the trailer should be hitting in the next few hours as well.

Update: According to Terada, the protagonist you didn’t choose at the start of your playthrough ends up appearing as the Gespenst’s pilot.

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