Super Robot Wars T Adds Super Expert Difficulty, New Game Systems

Super Robot Wars T's newest update adds strengthened EX skills, new Super Ace Pilot status, higher stat, level, and customization caps.

This is a first in the Super Robot Wars series. Bandai Namco launched on May 23 a free update for Super Robot Wars T, upgrading the game to version 1.03. This update adds a new difficulty called Super Expert Mode. The update also adds many game system changes, like new skills and higher level and stats limits. Lastly, a new paid DLC was released today, adding two new bonus scenarios.

Super Expert Mode is available even without clearing the game and can be activated at any time in the game’s system menu. This new difficulty is geared for veteran players, those who already cleared Super Robot Wars T‘s Expert Mode. Enemies in this mode have even higher stats, customizations levels and kill counts than in Expert Mode. This means that enemies with Ace Bonuses and Customization Bonuses appear right from the start of the game. Like in Expert, SR points are earned as you clear maps without a game over, and the difficulty is always on Hard.

This update also added multiple changes to the game:

  • Most Skill Programs learnable by pilots now have an EX, stronger and more expensive version.
  • Pilots with more than 300 kills will obtain the Super Ace Pilot status. Super Ace status enhances a pilot’s Ace Bonus, grants them another +5 Morale when sortied, and makes them earn 30% more funds when shooting down enemies.
  • Pilot level limit was raised from Level 99 to Level 200
  • Pilot stats limit was raised from 400 to 999
  • Mecha units’ stats and weapon damage can now be customized up to twenty notches, right from your first playthrough (10 notches used to be the normal limit, with 15 notches unlocking starting the third playthrough)

I play Super Robot Wars games at a very slow pace, savoring the scenario, watching anime featured in the game, and enjoying seeing new attack animations for the first time instead of watching them on YouTube. As such, I’m only at stage 29 of my first playthrough of SRW T, on Expert Mode. The game is perfect as of now, and very well balanced for those like me who like to use every unit and balance their kill counts.

This new Super Expert Mode looks even more perfect for subsequent new game + runs to unlock more secrets, and I’m looking forward to trying it out. Many old-time Super Robot Wars players tend to replay the games multiple times and max their favorite character’s stats and kill count, so Super Expert is great for that.

Producer Terada recently revealed that Super Robot Wars T‘s Asian versions are selling extremely well, even more than the Japanese version. He also spoke about what might come next for the franchise.

Super Robot Wars T is available in English on PS4 and Switch. A demo is also available if you’ve never tried out the best crossover series in the world. Keep in mind though that you can only try out the English version of the demo on PS4.

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