Super Robot Wars T’s Newest Screenshots Released Ahead of January’s Stream

Super Robot Wars T’s Newest Screenshots Released Ahead of January’s Stream

Bandai Namco released new direct-feed screenshots of Super Robot Wars T, coming to PS4 and Switch in English on March 20.

Today Bandai Namco updated Super Robot Wars T‘s official site with some new screenshots. These are direct feed versions of the screenshots published in Famitsu a few days ago, along with some new ones.

The first series shown off is Magic Knight Rayearth, with Umi Ryuuzaki and Selece. She’s listed as the sole pilot, an important detail for those like me who wondered if each character’s paired guardian would also be acting as sub pilots. Umi is using Selece’s Water Dragon attack.

Next, we have Gun x Sword, with Ray Langlen and his mecha Volkein. He was also playable in the previous game which featured Gun x Sword, Super Robot Wars K on Nintendo DS.

After that, we’ve got Chibodee Crocket piloting Gundam Maxter, and Allenby Beardsley piloting her Noble Gundam, both from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Allenby’s voice actress, Narumi Hidaka, didn’t work much on anime after G Gundam, but she’s used to the Super Robot Wars series, as she voices Super Robot Wars OG character Ryune Zoldark.

Last but not least we have Gekiryujin from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar, the combined form of Fuuryu and Rairyu. It’s been more than ten years since GaoGaiGar‘s latest appearance in a console Super Robot Wars game.

More information on Super Robot Wars T, including the game’s Original(s) character(s) and a new trailer, will be revealed during the Super Robot Wars‘ franchise’s next stream on January 11. You can find the YouTube stream here. More information for the newest mobile game, Super Robot Wars DD, will be shared as well. Until then, you can read more about the game by checking our summary of the announcement stream, the latest stream, some early story details, and the producers’ comments in Famitsu.

Super Robot Wars T is scheduled for a March 20 release on PlayStation 4 and Switch, with an English version being released by Bandai Namco Southeast Asia. Only 3 months left to wait now.