[UPDATED] Super Robot Wars T Releases on March 20 in Japan; New Series in Super Robot Wars X-Ω

Bandai Namco announced the release date for Super Robot Taisen T in Japan on this month's Super Robot Wars stream, new information on the mobile games.

December 11, 2018

Today, on this month’s Super Robot Wars series’ stream, Bandai Namco revealed the Japanese release date for the latest main game in the series, Super Robot Wars T. The game launches for PS4 and Switch on March 20, 2019, in Japan, with an 8600 Yen plus tax price tag.

Similar to Super Robot Wars V and X, the game will get a limited “Premium Anime Song&Sound Edition” in Japan, which will include many tracks from each series in the game. In total, 35 opening themes, ending themes and songs will be available in the limited edition.  You can check the tracklist on the game’s official site. Some of the songs are also available in the base game, but the versions in the limited edition are different. This limited edition will be available for both the PS4 and Switch version of Super Robot Wars T and is priced at 12600 Yen plus tax.


Moreover, it was also revealed that the Edit BGM function, which allows you to use any mp3 file on the console’s memory as BGM, will only be included in the PlayStation 4 version of Super Robot Wars T.

Bonuses included in the first print edition of the game were detailed as well.

  • A bonus Scenario 0 titled “Draft Plan Number T1023”. Clearing it will grant you rewards: 50,000 money, 500 Tac Points and the unit strengthening part “The basics for a VTX employee” (+20 to max SP, main pilot recovers 10 SP per turn).
  • A Special starter pack: 100,000 money, 1000 TacP,  part “Quark Boost” (Movement+1, +200 attack power to all weapons, range of all non-1-range weapons +1) and the part “Force Reactor” (+10 morale at sortie).
  • A code which allows you to use the Gespenst from the start of the game, and gives you some parts: Striker T (+100 attack power to all weapons, +20 precision, +20 critical rate), Defender T (+500 Max HP, +50 Max Energy, +100 Armor, +15 Mobility).

As previously stated in Famitsu, the Gespenst’s pilot will be a brand new Original character. Producer Terada also specifically said on today’s stream it is not Gilliam Yeager.

These pieces of information also indirectly reveal the Tac Points system present in Super Robot Wars X will come back in some form. TacP were shared between all characters and allowed you to teach them new skills on their respective skill trees. As for the VTX company, Producer Terada said it’s a company in the game’s story, related to the main Original character(s).

All the content of the first print edition is included in the limited edition as well.

Besides these announcements for Super Robot Wars T, the two mobile games, Super Robot Wars Cross Omega, and Super Robot Wars DD got a few announcements as well.

Starting with Cross Omega, which will add more new series. The latest Gundam anime, Gundam NT (Narrative), will be joining the game as a time-limited addition. Only units will be included, with no characters. Vandread will be added as a permanent entry, and this is the first time it appears in Super Robot Taisen. Space Battleship Tiramisu, which was teased as coming soon on the last stream, was teased again, and they strongly hinted it will join the game at the same time as an upcoming space launch.

Last but not least, Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire was announced as a time-limited addition, with a trailer you can watch below. Daimidaler is a very particular and extremely funny mecha story, basically about two couples piloting mechas powered up by their libido, in order to fight penguins with very big “front tails” who are trying to conquer the world. One of the main characters, Kouichi, can only use his mecha’s finishing moves by groping his partner Kyouko. It might sound dumb and sexist, but if you actually watch the anime or read the original manga, you’ll realize it isn’t the case at all, and it is particularly well written.

Producer Terada directed the Daimidaler announcement trailer, and purposefully included some misleading hints and jokes in it. The trailer starts with quotes from the manga Kasei Robo Daikessen!, which is a manga by Daimidaler‘s author and closely linked to its story. The manga ran from 2005 to 2008, and in the past, some SRW fans had asked Producer Terada if it would ever be included in the series. The trailer is misleading and makes it seem as if Kasei Robo Daikessen! will be revealed, only for Daimidaler to appear. One part of the trailer also shows the Penguin Robot Nankyouku Hachigou before the reveal, as a hint to the true series being added.

After the announcement, Kouichi’s voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki joined the stream, cracking up jokes and chatting about the game. Daimidaler‘s characters portraits in Cross Omega were specifically drawn by its mangaka Asaki Nakama. Kouichi and Kyouko are voiced as well. Shimazaki-san and Youko Hikasa, who voices Kyouko, purposefully synched their schedules as well, to be able to record together.

Shimazaki-san also said how lewd the “oppai mousepad ” goods for Cross Omega’s main character Shatte is, and jokingly pointed out how “not even Daimidaler went this far”. Shimazaki-san and Akabane Kenji, present on stream as always, also quickly argued on which Rayearth girl is the best. Shimazaki-san prefers Fuu, while Akabane-san likes Hikaru and Umi the most, and only realized Fuu’s appeal “when he became an adult”.

Shimazaki-san also talked about how he voiced Touya, one of the Original characters in Super Robot Wars OGs Moon Dwellers, and how Hikasa-san voiced Katia, one of his co-pilots. As such, they already made multiple Daimidaler jokes in the past, including one that ended up in that game, and he’d like Daimidaler to be added to a main Super Robot Wars game one day.

Super Robot Wars DD got a few new announcements too. The game reached 100,000 pre-registrations. As for the Japanese beta-test, it will be held from December 14 to December 16, emails will be sent to people who were selected for it starting December 14. A second beta test will be coming too. It’s still unclear what the game’s producer meant by “players overseas will be able to enjoy the game too” during the previous stream, and information on a possible English version of Super Robot Wars DD wasn’t revealed for now.

Super Robot Wars T and Super Robot Wars DD were both announced last month during the previous stream which you can read about here. Series producer Takanobu Terada also shared more information on Super Robot Wars T’s story and how they selected its participating series on the Super Robot Wars radio show. The Southeast Asia version of the game will include English text. The release date for that version will be announced a later date. If they followed a similar schedule as the previous game, it should release soon after the Japanese version.

Bandai Namco also published an updated version of Super Robot Wars T‘s 1st trailer. It is the exact same footage but includes at the end of it the release date and the new information detailed in this article.

Lastly, according to producer Takanobu Terada, Super Robot Wars T‘s main Original character(s) and second trailer should be revealed next month in January, along with new details on the game’s story, like the VTX company.

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