Super Rude Bear Resurrection Hitting PS4 May 2nd, PC May 5th

Super Rude Bear Resurrection Hitting PS4 May 2nd, PC May 5th

Today, lone-wolf developer Alex Rose — who is also publishing the game under Alex Rose Games — announced that his ultra-tight masocore platformer, Super Rude Bear Resurrection, is launching on PS4 on May 2nd and on PC on May 5th.

In Super Rude Bear Resurrection you play as Rude Bear, gangsta bear from East London who’s been summoned back in time to medieval England to defeat his mortal nemesis, The Wizard.

Uniquely in Super Rude Bear Resurrection, every time you die, the game gets a bit easier. Additionally, your previous corpses can be used as meatshields or as platforms. So if you die a lot in games, like me, this mechanic will sure come in handy. Alex Rose does note that you can beat the game without dying, but it’s very challenging.

The following features rundown is provided:

  • Sightseeing – Run, jump and die your way through sprawling levels, facing fiendish challenges across seven diverse worlds, from ancient ruins to convulsing flesh dungeons.

  • Unlimited Rudeness – Enjoy an incredible 73 song Grime soundtrack by Deeco – with a unique track in every level.

  • Super Streamable – Twitch Mode lets your viewers affect the gameplay, spam emotes onto your screen and talk through your Fairy companion.

  • Gotta Go Fast – Built from the ground up with speedrunners in mind. From ghosts and quick menus, to slow-mo Practice Mode and RNG toggle.

  • Rampant Replayablity – Discover Bonus levels, unlock absurdly difficult achievements, and beat your friends’ scores in Marathon Mode (including Boss Rush!)

  • Insanely Tough – Crank the difficulty even higher by turning off corpses and checkpoints, or take on the ultimate challenge and try to beat the entire game with just one life.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection will cost $14.99 USD when it launches. Below you can check out the new gameplay trailer which accompanied today’s announcement: