Super Seducer 2 Lands a Female Perspective Video Ahead of September Launch

Super Seducer 2 Lands a Female Perspective Video Ahead of September Launch

Super Seducer 2 is a sequel to the realistic seduction simulator and this time, developer RLR Training Inc, gives us a "woman's touch" perspective

The controversy surrounding Super Seducer obviously wasn’t enough first time around for Richard La Ruina and developer RLR Training Inc, that they thought they’d do it for the second time with Super Seducer 2, but this time with a more pro-active approach to women’s thoughts, their own perspective on dating and ten times the budget of the original.

Richard La Ruina now wants to present women as strong individuals in the sequel, with ladies in front of and behind the camera to help shape Super Seducer 2 into an educational yet comical guide to the dating world for both men and women.

Apparently, Richard’s wife, Kate La Ruina, was heavily involved with producing and directing Super Seducer 2 as well as a vigorous crew of over 70 women which includes, actress and stuntwoman Jolie Lennon (Justice League, Wonder Woman) — who is cast as a new protagonist in the game – joined by actress and producer Rachel Warren (Mum’s List, Past Due).

Super Seducer 2 ambition is to show women how they can courageously use their charisma to attract men they may view as out of their league or when they aren’t sure how to go about “chatting one up”, and then gives advice on the consequences when things go belly-up!

Actress Rachel Warren explains her involvement in Super Seducer 2:

Super Seducer 2 was such a unique project to be involved in and was an incredible experience being in an interactive medium came with acting challenges which I find truly exciting. Based on the choices in the script, I switched constantly between friendly and angry — with room for a lot of fun improvisation! I think Super Seducer 2 is a valuable learning tool both for men, to learn what to do and what not to do, and also for women to learn how to deal with rude or overly persistent guys. What an experience!”

In addition to a female cast and crew, Super Seducer 2 features not one, but two dating commentators. Players will receive feedback to their in-game choices from Richard La Ruina and newcomer Charlotte Jones. Both will offer players context to why certain choices yield specific results when dating, and criticize players who make fools of themselves through inappropriate actions.

Super Seducer 2 will be available for purchase on Steam for Windows PC on September 12, 2018, for $12.99 USD

You can check out the trailer below on Female Perspective Levels and Feedback in Super Seducer 2