Super Seducer 3 Already Revealed as the Series Surpasses 125,000 Units Sold on PC

Super Seducer 3 Already Revealed as the Series Surpasses 125,000 Units Sold on PC

RLR Training and Richard La Ruina revealed that Super Seducer series has sold 125,000 copies and also announced Super Seducer 3, coming in 2019.

The Super Seducer series is certainly an odd one, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. Even after being banned from release on PS4, the series has still managed to sell over 125,000 copies on Steam. In addition to hitting this milestone, development team RLR Training has also revealed Super Seducer 3 just after Super Seducer 2’s launch.

Development of the Super Seducer titles is spearheaded by Richard La Ruina, who we’ve previously called the Tommy Wiseau of the gaming industry. He’s quite passionate about these games and is delighted at the success they have found:

“We are very happy that gamers have taken to the Super Seducer series. We tried to make a game that is both entertaining and informative, and the results in terms of sales, Twitch streams, Steam reviews, and YouTube videos speak for themselves.

No matter how players choose to enjoy the game, we’re happy that they are enjoying it, and we hope they learn a thing or two about modern dating while they play.”

He also revealed that RLR Training is trying to get Super Seducer on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. They will also attempt to get the game on PS4, even though they were initially denied. As for Super Seducer 3, we can currently just expect it to hit PC, with the game’s Steam Page listing March 6, 2019 as the release date. Watch out Devil May Cry 5.

Richard also commented completing the trilogy, saying the developers will take feedback into account just like they did with Super Seducer 2:

“With Super Seducer 2, we took a look at all the feedback and reviews of Super Seducer, and then crafted the game based on that feedback – both positive and negative. We’ll take the same approach for Super Seducer 3, but are also planning some surprise elements. An online function and open-world gameplay are two features that we’d love to include.”

While RLR Training has found their niche in these seduction-focused FMV games, the developers do want to try and branch out into other genres. Some of the ideas pitched by Richard La Ruina include spy, horror, and Dark Souls inspired FMV games:

“We would like to try to make a live-action horror, spy, or Dark Souls-inspired FMV game. We feel that our expertise in FMV games and creating compelling video are ideally suited to creating an interactive movie. We are currently talking to directors and screenwriters to find the perfect project to bring to life in 2019.”

Whatever RLR Training decides to do next, hopefully it will be just as interesting and quirky as the Super Seducer trilogy. Super Seducer and Super Seducer 2 are currently available on PC, and will possibly come to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in the future.

[UPDATE] The original article stated that the original Super Seducer had sold over 125,000 units. That number actually applies to the series as a whole, with the original making up around 83,000 of that statistic. We have updated the story as a result.