Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Nationals at Nintendo World: Settle it in Smash!

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Nationals at Nintendo World: Settle it in Smash!

Staff Writer Ryan Meitzler and myself, Reviews Editor Allisa James, was able to attend the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Nationals tournament at Nintendo World.

The competition was fierce and the battles even tougher, but one player emerged victorious and won a beautiful Smash trophy, as well as a Champion’s Robe.

Some highlights include:

  • In the second match of the tournament, Captain Falcon lost two stocks from the same fish stage hazard and still managed to pull out a victory against Little Mac.
  • Two of the tournaments’ announcers, Bill and Toph, duked it out with Sheik and Rosalina in an epic rematch that fans have been waiting for since SDCC. Bill pulled out a victory with Rosalina after the match went into sudden death.
  • Seeing a competitive Ganondorf player was great and seeing him participate in such an excellent match was even better — even if he did lose to Mario in the end due to stock.
  • Watching King Dedede launch a mine at Donkey Kong, it hitting DK and then bouncing back and hitting Dedede, KOing him and costing him the match.
  • An Iggy player nearly managed to take a match back from the female Robin player in a four stock comeback.
  • Bill deciding to demonstrate how effective Duck Hunt Dog is as a fighter, and then promptly getting swepted by his opponent, a Zelda user.
  • The two Rosalina players (Xaltis and Dabuz) that essentially dominated the tournament going head to head in an interesting clash of very similar playstyles. Dabuz’s Rosalina ended up winning.
  • The finals, between Jumpman’s Mario and Dabuz’s Rosalina, demonstrated how excellent Rosalina’s off stage game is. She knocked off two stock of Mario with that alone.

You can also check out our screenshot gallery below showcasing the setup, crowd, contenders and eventual winner for the Nationals Tournament.