Nintendo NY Audience Erupts During Super Smash Bros. Reveal

Nintendo NY Audience Erupts During Super Smash Bros. Reveal

No one was more excited for the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. announcement than the crowd gathered at Nintendo NY, as seen in this video.

Thought you were hyped about the Super Smash Bros. reveal at yesterday’s stellar Nintendo Direct? Think again. Just like always, crowds gathered at New York City’s Nintendo NY (previously Nintendo World Store) to watch the Nintendo Direct, and the atmosphere ran electric with anticipation of the potential reveal.

Captured in multiple angles — but likely best by YouTuber EmpireArcadia — we see the build-up to the reveal. As the Inklings shoot each other down, mumblings began circulating among the crowd. “Smash it!” yells a few onlookers, hoping (correctly) that this is a facade to the much larger announcement. As the screen darkens, the room quiets momentarily. You can practically hear the anticipation building among the fiercest of Nintendo fans.

Then, the unthinkable happens. A fiery glow in the Inkling girl’s eye focuses on the fiery Super Smash Bros. symbol that has dominated news coverage all of today. And the crowd erupts in a pure burst of energy. A pan of the camera phone shows a room literally jumping with joy.

Focusing back on the trailer, the crowd starts to catch their breath from the shock of the announcement. That is, until the aftershock hits the screen; the projected “2018” release date for Nintendo Switch. Reinvigorated, the crowd erupts again — victorious. A member of the crowd is immobilized on the ground, as onlookers rush around him to see if everything is okay.

Yeah, what a reveal — one that will go down among one of Nintendo’s best.

As mentioned, Super Smash Bros. has been the talk of the town with a lot of the dedicated Nintendo fanbase — DualShockers included — try to guess at the new characters we are going to see in the Nintendo Switch version. We also got the phenomenal news that the series creator, Masahiro Sakurai, will be working in some capacity on the famed fighting game.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch will be coming sometime in 2018. Make sure to check out that intense reaction video, below: