Project+ Brings Knuckles to Super Smash Bros.

Project+, a new playable mod for Super Smash Bros., is now available for download on multiple platforms.

If you’re a fan of Super Smash Bros. Melee, you’re a ride-or-die kind of person. Someone who’s stuck with their game through thick and thin. Ever since picking up a GameCube controller and doing your first wave shine, you knew this game was for you. But Melee still has one downside – it’s old and can’t be patched. A new mod titled Project + seeks to fix these issues by building where another Smash modding team left off, and the best part is, it’s available right now.

Here’s a little history for you, first. Back in 2011, a Super Smash Bros. Brawl modding project titled Project M gained traction for making Brawl a more competitive game, or really, by making it more like Melee. It reintroduced Roy, MewTwo and Doctor Mario, included new moves, costumes, stages, and music tracks. It was everything that fans of Melee wanted in Melee – updated graphics and a development team that loved the game. The mod was even successful – although it never directly generated cash, it was played at major tournaments and was received highly by most members of the Smash community. However, Nintendo itself wasn’t a fan of the project. Development was shut down in 2015 due to fears that the team would be sued by the gaming giant.

And thus steps in Project +. It was quietly released six days ago as a new patch for Project M. Although, with the number of new additions, it may as well be its own mod. Project+ includes new competitive friendly features, new graphical effects, character balances, and more. You can find a detailed list of changes to characters and stages here.

The biggest change for Project+ isn’t a new move for your favorite character or new stages, though. It’s the addition of a new character that’s been highly requested for Smash Ultimate. I’m talking about Knuckles the Echidna from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Naturally, this all begs the question of why a team would patch a mod that ceased development under threat of litigation by Nintendo. As it turns out, the answer is half passion, half demand. While the Project+ team clearly cares for the Smash, the unique community behind Project M helped spur on this mod’s creation. You see, although development on Project M ceased in 2015, it’s still being played. Not just at home among friends, but at tournaments as well. Project M has had a presence at both Smash N Splash and Low Tier City, two major Smash tournaments, since 2016. The team simply saw the need for a new patch and got to work.

Project+ is available for download right now. All you have to do is go to the mod’s official site and download the latest version for the platform you’ll be playing on.

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