Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Assist Trophies Line-Up Includes Shadow and Isaac, Disappointing All

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Assist Trophies Line-Up Includes Shadow and Isaac, Disappointing All

With characters from series such as Virtua Fighter and Mario Paint included as Assist Trophies, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has plenty of representation.

The Assist Trophies count in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been confirmed to 59, with the line-up including an eclectic bunch of first-party and third-party characters. Included are Shadow the Hedgehog and Isaac from the Golden Sun series, two characters previously rumored to be playable characters in a now-disproven leak.

Shadow and Isaac were Assist Trophies in previous Smash Bros. games, and they will be joined by other returning Assist Trophies such as Takamaru, Starman, Nightmare, and even the damn Pong paddles. The new selection is full of left-field characters and assists, including Yuri Kozukata from Fatal Frame, Black Knight from Fire Emblem, a Thwomp from Super Mario, Spring Man from ARMS, and Dr. Wily from Mega Man.

Going further into the depths of Nintendo lore, Ultimate includes “Flies & Hand” from Mario Paint, which is literally just a hand using a swatter to hit flies on the screen. Accompanying that bizarre assist is Vince from the Art Academy series. Additionally, Akira from Virtua Fighter is an Assist Trophy character, appearing in his blocky polygonal form. We’ve expected a level of comprehension from Smash Bros. for the longest time, but we’re getting into the gleefully and borderline absurd now.

Assist Trophies can be defeated by opponents, as previously announced, but whoever summoned the Assist Trophy can knock out their own summon to strategically deny their opponents points. Savage, if you ask us. Best of all? Guile from Street Fighter is an Assist Trophy too, meaning his theme song is definitely in the game.

You can see all of these Assist Trophies in action when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 7—pre-order the game on Amazon here and prepare for that sweet Guile music.

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