Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Commercial Brings the “Everyone Is Here!” Artwork to Life

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Commercial Brings the “Everyone Is Here!” Artwork to Life

The massive artwork displaying all characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has turned into a CG video in the latest commercial from Nintendo.

Perhaps the most stunning product to come out of the promotion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch is that absurdly-long banner artwork, which contains every playable fighter in the game. Thanks to a new commercial uploaded on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, we can now see that banner interpreted in 3D animation form.

The video is a full minute long, beginning with a passerby looking up at the banner until the commercial zooms in and treats us to a high-quality CG video of video game characters duking it out. With no music, the video is full of slow-motion moments, zooms, familiar voices, and fun sound effects. Link faces off against Mario, an Arwing flies from the Halberd, Isabelle has a cute moment with the Pikmin, and so on and so forth. The ending with Inkling hearkens back to the game’s original reveal trailer, with the Smash Bros. logo shown in her eye.

Set on top of a series of floating islands, the commercial pulls from whatever loose lore Smash Bros. has, with these battlegrounds looking like the Battlefield stage we’ve seen throughout the games, or perhaps something out of the “World of Light” adventure mode. Overall, the video acts as a friendly reminder that everyone indeed is here. Well, except Ronald McDonald.

While I assume that this CG video is purely for promotional purposes, it does make me wonder just how many cinematics will actually be featured in Ultimate. The “World of Light” trailer, which had voice acting and all, showed promise, but cynical me thinks that that one cinematic is all we’ll see from the full game. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an awesome opening cinematic for Smash Bros., with Brawl reusing Subspace Emissary cutscenes and the fourth Smash Bros. reusing character trailers.

Or hey, they should make it like the original Nintendo 64 commercial and make it live-action with “So Happy Together” in the background. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on December 7, and you can pre-order it on Amazon here. Check to see if your local shopping center will have the game’s demo on display this holiday season.

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