Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Next DLC Fighter to be Revealed in Direct Later this Week

At long last, we'll finally be learning who the next DLC fighter is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this Thursday.

January 14, 2020

After months of lingering questions from those in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community, Nintendo and the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai are finally ready to reveal the fifth DLC fighter joining the roster.

Nintendo announced today that a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct will take place later this week on Thursday, January 16, at 9am EST/6am PST. The Direct is planned to be around 35 minutes in length and much like previous presentations, will likely feature Sakurai taking fans through all of the new aspects of this new fighter in great depth. Nintendo has opted to hold streams such as this to fully show off almost every new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over the past year.


Sakurai also took to Twitter after the announcement of this Direct was made today, saying that this is the first time that they have opted to not reveal the new fighter until the Smash-focused Direct was set to take place. In the past, the identity of the new fighter would typically be revealed in a standard Nintendo Direct before later being showcased in full. Sakurai also encouraged fans to take a guess at who the new playable character will be, too.

While the Super Smash Bros. community usually has a decent idea of who upcoming characters could be whether it be thanks to rumors or leaks, the identity of the final Fighter’s Pass character has been kept well under wraps this time around. So much so, in fact, that some in the community have grown more impatient than ever before to learn just who will be added to Smash Ultimate. Some previous “leaks” have hinted that characters like Master Chief, Geno, or Doom Guy could be possible additions, but either way, it won’t take much longer for us to find out.

We’ll be here to share all of the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news with you as it transpires later this week. Until then, the game is currently available right now on Switch.

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